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  1. For us newbies, would you please explain why? And, do you mean the matching front of the MT43, or do you mean any tire's matching front on any dirt bike? Thanks!
  2. Reputable or well-known brands which -may- be interested in licensing: Coleman. Trek. H-D. Santa Cruz. If you are interested, I can refer you to a guy with expertise in this area.
  3. bvog

    Nobody to ride with...

    If you are looking for riding companions I'd suggest taking a look at www.meetup.com. In my region there are literally dozens of riding groups, all with different interests and in various smaller geographical areas. I bet you will find just what you are looking for.
  4. You mentioned fully charged batteries, which reminds me that the approximately four-day battery life of inReach is another advantage over the smartphone-based solutions.
  5. Good point! Since we ride AZ and CA desert and mountains, I hadn't considered how useful a cell phone or vhf radio could be in flatter more populous areas.
  6. For what the OP is looking to do, the best product is any of the Garmin InReach models. Does everything you really need, and does it world-wide via GPS and Iridium satellite, no cellular service required: real-time tracking viewable by family/friends, two-way texting, emergency SOS. Get a plan which leaves breadcrumbs, there are several available either annually or by the month. Yes, the service plans seem expensive. Until you really need it. Then they are invaluable.