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  1. MitchDR350SE

    Bringing My 350 Back To Life

    In Jan. of 1991, I brought home a brand new shiny DR350. My first, and only new bike purchase. If I remember correctly, the bike and a new Shoei helmet put me at $3000 out the door. For the next 12 years, I rode the crap out of that bike, and it never let me down. Then I picked up a ‘94 DR350SE to expand my riding opportunities. So, the 91 started to collect dust. I then picked up an ‘05 DRZ400S in 2007. By this time, the old DR had sat for a couple three years. Ended up having to tear the carb apart to clean and install a new pilot jet, as it was plugged tight. Bike ran good. I believe 2010 was the last time it was ridden, as the son crashed it trail riding which bent the stock bars and broke the clutch lever. About 3 or 4 years ago, I was going to get it running again. So, I picked up a new pilot jet, as I was sure it would be needed again along with a new clutch lever. Well, never did get around to messing with it. So, yesterday, i pulled the carb and tank. Surprisingly, the inside of the carb was in fairly good shape. Even the pilot was clean. So with a quick cleaning, and a cleaning of the tank, had to go pick up a new air filter as the one in the bike fell apart when I removed it for cleaning, threw it all back together, dumped in some fresh gas, and she fired right up. So, now that its running again, today I ordered up a few hundy in new parts to get it going down the trail again. It was in serious need of a new chain and sprockefs, both tires are well beyond worn out, new bars coming also. I also ordered up a new plug and oil filter. Cant wait to get it back on the trails again.
  2. MitchDR350SE

    Anyone in Wa. Ever Title an Untitled Bike?

    Did talk to Wa. DOL on Friday. The lady I spoke with said if no title has ever been issued to the bike, Wa will not title or license the bike. Title will need issued from someone else. The guy that has the bike started digging in to it in Ore, and was told it needed to be done through Iowa. Iowa informed him that without the MSO, they could not do it. Going to visit my local DOL tomorrow. The lady there is real sharp on things like this. Will see what she has to say.
  3. Looking to get a bike from somone in Ore, but has never had a Title issued to it. The bike was sold new in Iowa and is a 1985. Prior to 2000, Iowa did not require/issue titles to ORV's. So, just looking to see if anyone has had to deal with this type of scenerio.
  4. MitchDR350SE

    Replaced leaking petcock: bike will start but doesn't idle

    Was the bike sitting for quite some time before you bought it? The hard start and not wanting to idle are signs of a plugged pilot jet. Does it idle better after it warms up with the choke out?
  5. MitchDR350SE

    Modded 96 DR350SE Value?

    Not on reply yet? I was sure someone would respond. Still on the fence with it.
  6. MitchDR350SE

    Modded 96 DR350SE Value?

    I know someone trying to sell the above mentioned bike and was curious as to what anyone else would consider as a fair price. I am considering this bike. As stated, it is a 96 350SE with just over 7000 miles. Updates to the bike are the RMX forks (which need resealed) and rear shock, nice gel seat, White Brothers (I think thats what it is) header and pipe, CV carb removed and dirt carb installed and rejetted. Jetting seems to be spot on as throttle response is very crisp and instantanious. No popping or banging. Owner is unsure as to what, or if any work has been done to the motor, but this thing is much stronger than my 91 DR350 (dirt) and totally blows away my 94 350SE. Possible big bore kit. Bike also has an aftermarket tank and lots of Acerbie plastic and hand gaurds. The bike appears to have spent most of it's time off road, and it shows with the scuffs and scrapes. He is asking $2700 for the bike with some extras (new Perelli tires, foot operated center stand, aluminum custom ramp, stock seat and tank and some extra front and rear sprockets), or $2500 for the bike alone. What does anyone else feel it is worth.
  7. MitchDR350SE

    What's this at Reiter Trails?

    That was put there for the 24 hour race all thats left are the reflectors so you can see it at 2 a.m.
  8. MitchDR350SE

    How did Idaho City go?

    As long as you don't get a complex, your complexion should be fine.
  9. MitchDR350SE

    Big plans for the June 4 EURO GP!

    How did you do? and the other stumpies sjmc Don
  10. MitchDR350SE

    Frustrating Carb Problems!!! Help!!!!

    Well, after some running around tonight, I was able to come up with a spring and the correct O-ring and washer. I installed the jet and needles from Jesse and the bike runs awsome now . It runs quite a bit stronger than it did before. It will pull the front end up easily in first gear when you crank on the throttle, and with a little effort in second . Thanks again to all the replies and it looks like I'll be riding plenty this weekend
  11. MitchDR350SE

    Frustrating Carb Problems!!! Help!!!!

    I believe I finally found the source of my troubles. I am the third owner of this bike and one of the prior owners had removed the plug covering the fuel screw. Well, I ordered a new needle, jets and extended fuel screw from Jesse and they happened to arrive today. While looking over the parts and his instruction sheets, I noticed it said to reuse the o-ring and spring on the new fuel screw. Mine doesn't have these parts??? I went and pulled off the carb and no fuel screw installed anymore!!! I did find it laying by the starter. Now that I think about it, the first time I messed with taking the carb apart, the fuel screw was out over four turns which I thought was odd, so I reset it at 1 1/2 after my teardown and clean and it ran fine. I didn't check to see where it was last time, But I bet it backed out again. I put screw back into carb and reinstalled. Bike runs fine again. Now I need to find a o-ring and spring again. Thanks for all your suggestions. Looks like I may be SOL for riding this weekend.
  12. MitchDR350SE

    Frustrating Carb Problems!!! Help!!!!

    The tank was installed about a year ago and I ran it up until the end of October (approx 2000 miles worth) when the problem first showed up. I didn't start messing with it again until March and it has been driving me crazy since. All the lines are in good shape and I have checked for vacuum leaks and have not found any.
  13. MitchDR350SE

    Frustrating Carb Problems!!! Help!!!!

    The tank is a newly installed Clarke. The fuel filter I installed shows now sign of any debri.
  14. MitchDR350SE

    Frustrating Carb Problems!!! Help!!!!

    I have a 94 350 SE with a little over 16K on it. Bike has run great since getting it. Then one day it takes forever to get it started and it won't idle unless the choke is out (still runs on the rough side), and exhaust starts glowing red. I tear the carb apart and everything looks great. Reinstall and it still runs awful. One more time out with the carb, and this time I completely tear it apart, blow carb cleaner through all the passages and jets, blow out with air, reassemble and reinstall. Bike runs great! A couple days later, bike starts hard again and won't idle with the choke off. So I tear it apart again, clean everything once more, put in a new pilot jet, dump gas from tank and clean it, as there was some debri inside, reinstall everything and add a fuel filter. Bike runs great again!!! I have since ridden it a couple of days for about 50 miles and it is doing just fine. Then last night while riding around, the same problem came back!!!! Am I missing something here? It is in the idle circuit but I am at a loss. Is there something else I need to be looking at?
  15. MitchDR350SE

    Carb Modification ?

    It's called a Dial-A Jet. Find more info here. http://www.thunderproducts.com/dial_a_jet.htm