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  1. I have an old ASV clutch lever that I found in my dads old motocross stuff. I want to put it on my 2015 YZ250FX. I went to pull the stock lever off but I found out that there is a wire that leads to it and inside the wire is a plunger. I assume the plunger is to engage the electric start so you cant accidentally take off while in gear. Us there any way to take the wire out of the stock lever and rig it to the old one? Is it possible to just take the plunger out and zip-tie it to the handlebars? Or can I just cut the wire and gap the plunger so it is always engaged?
  2. I found an old ASV clutch lever in my dad's old motocross gear. I assume it is for a 05-10 KX250F. It was still in the box and looked brand new. I have a 15 YZ250FX and was wondering if the lever could fit on my bike. The ASV clutch lever has a hot start lever on it, my bike does not. If I can't fit the lever on my bike it will give it to one of my friends. One has an 07 YZ250f and the other has a 12 KX250f. If I can fit the lever on my bike could i do anything with the hot start lever or will it just have to hang there?
  3. I have a 2015 YZ250FX. The bike is hard to control in the low end because if any throttle is given it lurches forward hard. It is so bad that if the bike is in first gear it can walk forward while idling. The bike is very hard to take on trails because it sometimes has too much power than what I need. Is there any way to mechanical fix this? Can it be tuned out? I can live with the problem as when it us on a track the power is instant and it makes it a lot easier to corner, but it is too much for trails.