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  1. AndrewK

    Can't Get 1999 CR125 Running

    . 019in - . 024in. I set mine a little shy of .024in
  2. AndrewK

    Can't Get 1999 CR125 Running

    I know it may seem stupid, but double check to make sure your plug is gapped correctly. the first time I rebuilt my first bike's top end, I was so excited to get it fired up I forgot to check the gap on my new plug. I kicked and kicked and was so scared that I had done something wrong. My buddy came by and the first thing he said was "you gapped your plug right? " Immediate facepalm. Pulled the plug, gapped it, and she fired right up. I'm hoping something simple is your problem. Definitely also check what other people have suggested, but a plug is an easy thing to check first.
  3. AndrewK

    Repairing decal stickers

    3M makes a product called Super77, it's a spray adhesive. Clean the plastics and get the back of the decal clean as possible. Spray them both, let it tack up a bit, then apply the decal. Hope this helps.
  4. AndrewK

    1998 CR125 Rebuild

    My bike always bogs a bit before she gets fully warmed up and cleared out, as long as it runs well once up to operating temp I wouldn't worry about it. As far as the throttle "issue" I wouldn't change anything, he just needs some more seat time to get used to the power curve. Falls will happen but there's always something to be learned from them. If possible, let him ride some wider and smoother trails or open fields until he has a better feel for the powerband. I think restricting the throttle will only hinder his ability to progress. Throttle and clutch control are crucial skills especially on a 125 smoker. Check out some videos on YouTube about throttle and clutch control, a lot of which have great practice drills.
  5. AndrewK

    2014 kx 250f leaking from radiator overflow

    I agree with double checking the jetting, and +1 on changing the gearing a little, that will probably put your bike in mid range of 2nd gear helping to circulate coolant a little faster. But if you ride other times without your son the gearing you choose may not be optimal for that. So that's a +1 for a fan. I'm sure there are many write ups on here for wiring a fan and also many awesome people that will walk you through it step by step.
  6. AndrewK

    91 Honda cr125 won't start??

    Regardless of how many hours are on it, anything under 120 I would rebuild. Some people will say keep riding it until it craps out but I don't like getting towed or pushing my bike out of the trails. If the seller put a new piston and ring in a cylinder that needed further attention the compression could already be low, as well as an incorrectly sized piston, or if the ring gap wasn't to spec. Top end life is completely dependent on the quality of parts used, maintenance, and riding style.
  7. AndrewK

    91 Honda cr125 won't start??

    Check the compression, ideally 180lbs on a fresh top end (my cr144 is still holding 170 after 15 hrs somehow) if it's below 120 I'd tear it apart and freshen things up as long as the bottom end is problem-free. Check for spark, definitely clean the carb completely. Clean and oil the filter if you haven't done so already, or put a new one in. New spark plug gapped correctly. And make sure the fuel lines are in good shape. Hopefully you get her going soon, 125's are a blast!
  8. AndrewK

    Warm up 5-7 min or no power?

    I think any bike needs to warm up to operating temperature to perform the way it should. Not only that but every bike needs to warm up properly to prevent premature wear on the motor. I let my cr125 idle for about 3-7 mins depending on outside temp with the occasional light blip of the throttle to help it breathe,and then ride it around for a few more minutes at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. As far as the oil ratio having to be spot on, it really should always be spot on. But I guess if it's not jetted correctly the inaccurate mixture will amplify the decrease in performance from not having it jetted right.
  9. AndrewK

    Do you guys think it should be changed

    Flip that thing around and get a few more rides on it
  10. AndrewK

    Bike ramp?

    Just get some pressure treated 2x8's and get the ramp ends for them, they sell them on Amazon for pretty cheap.
  11. AndrewK

    2002 cr125 issues 2 stoke please help

    First dirt bike or 20th dirt bike, don't ride on the street without a plated bike. it makes us all look like a**holes. Find some trails.
  12. AndrewK

    2002 cr125 issues 2 stoke please help

    Just a heads up you're not going to get a lot of love on here saying that you only ride your MX bike on the street. You wanna ride on the street? Get a dual sport and register it. The packing in your silencer probably needs replacing. And the float in your carb is stuck or not set correctly.Spark plug is br9eg
  13. Sometimes I forget mine at home when I go riding and I truly feel like something is missing. Like Edgecombe said, my back feels so much better both during and after riding. Also, I feel a bit safer (probably just in my head) with the kidney belt on. I like the fact that it covers my lower spine where my CP doesn't, it's got some cushion and rubber padding in the back. Btw the one I use is made by thor and I've had it for 14 years still going strong.
  14. AndrewK


    First off, congrats on the new bike! I personally have a couple different rear sprockets that I swap with 2 chains cut to different lengths for those sprockets. I have a cr125 bored to 144 and I run 13/53 if I know I'm riding some really tight stuff. If I know I'm going to a spot that's got fast trails/fire roads I put my 49T on the back. Most of the time I just run my 13/51 setup which works pretty well everywhere just a little more clutch work in the gnarly tight stuff, but hey it's a 125 so working the clutch is expected right? I used to run a 12T front on my old bike but I wore out chains much quicker. My opinion is that if you ONLY ride tight gnarly stuff the 13/53 might be best for you but you'll be shifting and topping out quicker once you leave the tight areas. My 13/51 works well for me and I rarely change from that setup. I use steel sprockets cause they're cheap and last a while but that's just my preference. Hope this helped a bit..
  15. Besides a little secret spot by my buddy's house in Dutchess, the closest thing is holiday mtn in Monticello about an hour away but I hear it's small and the trails aren't great. There used to be other areas we rode "illegally" Where nobody cared as long as you respected boundary lines, didn't litter, and didn't ride like a d*ck up and down the street between trails. But lots of people wound up bringing u-hauls up from the city, riding wheelies down the street with no helmets, cutting off traffic, and throwing all of their garbage wherever they pleased. Ruined it for the rest of us. Sorry for the off topic reply lol just wanted to respond to your post... And maybe vent a bit 😂