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    Thought this bike was a dual sport

    Did you change the air filter out as well when you added the Vortex and FMF exhaust? I have the full FMF exhaust here waiting on my Vortex ECU to arrive, four weeks in now, fingers crossed it won't be much longer.
  2. Tex68w

    CRF450L Mods: What did you do to your 450L today?

    I had ordered the 12 O'Clock Labs Tail Tidy and upon receiving it I realized it was silly expensive for what it is so I sent it back. I feel like the Flatland and Emperor Racing tidy kits while simple and affordable, just aren't as refined, durable, and/or low-profile enough for my liking. So in hopes of better options becoming available for these bikes in the future I decided to go ahead and hack up the factory tail piece and make my own to hold me over. Now there six different ways to skin a cat and after considering everything I have seen done on these bikes I decided that it'd probably be best to keep the factory mount that attaches to the underside of the subframe as this is the most durable mounting platform should one be prone to dropping their bike on the trail. I simply cut down the arms, gave them matching bends and then attached the plate holder (which I trimmed and bent as well) via bolting the plate light to the top of it and then it to the arms. I plan to clean up my cuts a little more when I get some free time and I'll likely play with the angle of the plate holder itself to make sure that I have proper tire clearance upon the suspension compressing (the paper temporary tag sags unsupported so it's not representative of the actual plate angle), but for now I am happy with the outcome. No extra parts were needed and it keeps with the original look of the bike, it's just a tad more streamlined and low profile. I also rerouted the negative battery cable, mine was outside and over the top of the subframe like some others have noted. I also added a pigtail for the lithium battery charger/maintainer.
  3. Tex68w

    Thought this bike was a dual sport

    Like the others have already said, check every nut and bolt and torque specs. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you had loose spokes. I have been my riding my all stock 450L this past week with highway speeds ranging from 50-75mph and it only barely started to shimmy at 75mph, I alleviated that by shifting my position on the seat to help balance out the bike.
  4. Tex68w

    Oil Filter Recommendations

    I bought a few of the factory/oem filters along with the Honda motor oil to get me through my first few oil changes.
  5. Tex68w

    450L FI Tuners: what works?

    I ordered the Vortex four weeks ago, I fully expect to be waiting another four or maybe even more considering the popularity of these bikes. I want to install the FMF full exhaust I have lying here taunting me but then that ends my riding until it gets here and I can't accept that.
  6. Looking forward to adding this to my bike. Thanks OP for the write-up.
  7. Tex68w

    rekluse auto clutch

  8. Tex68w

    CRF450L Mods: What did you do to your 450L today?

    I bought one! So far I have removed all of the unnecessary plastic bits and stickers and I installed the Double Take Enduro mirrors (2" Ram arms). I have the FMF Q4 muffler and Megabomb header sitting here patiently waiting for the Vortex ECU to arrive so that it can all be installed. A Seat Concepts seat is on its way and I am still looking into hand guards, skid plates, and tires, feel free to make suggestions. I will likely pull the trigger on the IMS 3gal tank here soon as well. I am stoked to be back in the two-wheel off-road game and I can't wait to get the bike out west on some trails.