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  1. hacktastic

    Hooligan vid San Francisco

    East Bay for me. I can't stop watching that video.
  2. hacktastic

    Hooligan vid San Francisco

    I know right where he did that too. I've caught a little air riding the SV on that, but not on my DRZ. I'd probably wipe out.
  3. The DRZ's suspension works fine for me stock. It's pretty good, as compared to the stock suspension on my SV650. (Granted, I upgraded that ASAP!) I'm not doing any insane off-roading on the DRZ, in fact I'm putting motard wheels on it in a few weeks. I dialed in the compression and rebound damping, tossed in some lowering links cuz I've got a 30" inseam and then adjusted the rake/trail up front via raising the fork tubes up a tad in the triples to compensate. That's all. Needless to say, I'll be re-dialing the bike for the new wheels before I do ANY engine performance upgrades. Yes, I'm doing a full make-over on the bike. Yes, handling first. I'm thinking "screw it" and getting the Athena big bore kit, carb and cams. I'll spend the extra $700 or so. I am wondering if the stock clutch can take this...
  4. I'm glad you are of the same philosophy. The first two things I always do on my bikes are carb adjustment (always lean from factory) and suspension adjustment(s). Needless to say, both are done.
  5. I had a DR 650SE. It was fun, but I like the DRZ more. The DRZ can totally outrun a 650SE. (Oh boy. I might start a flame war if I keep this up.) When I said DRZ650SM, I meant a fully modern 650CC engine, something that would compete with the KTMs of the world. I know the addiction. I know it well. I'm trying to be sensible, but motorcycles are not sensible things.
  6. Already have the pipe. Nice results even with the st00pid Mikuni CV.
  7. I'm sure somebody is going to bust in here and say "Sell the 'S' and find a street-legal 'E'!" Stupid CA laws. I wish Suzuki made a DRZ-650SM. That would cover just about all my "wants."
  8. True that. While I'm not a "first timer" when it comes to building engines, I've yet to build from scratch. Much easier to use something that comes "pre-set" from the factory.
  9. Interesting. So, bigger bore over the cams, eh? I'd imagine the trusty butt-o-meter likes the all around increase in torque the larger bore kit gives. Probably better to get aftermarket cams so I can precisely degree them. IIRC, OEM cams are press-fit into the sprockets. I'd assume the hotcams have bolt-on sprockets with slotted holes. This is looking more like a $1300-$1800 budget project then, depending on whether I go all out and get the cams as well. Hmmmm... Thanks for the feedback. I'll do some more lurking and reading and figure out what I want to do.
  10. Hey folks, I mostly lurk here, but I thought I'd throw this out as a question/challenge. I've got a 2006 DRZ400S with about 6000mi on it that I ride on back roads, dirt roads and goat trails. No serious off-road stuff. I'm very happy with it. Current performance upgrades are a full Yosh system and accompanying adjustment to the stock CV carb. Good start, but I'd like a little more UMPH that's within the manufacturer's specifications of what the bottom end can take. I'm thinking the next step is to make this more like an "E"-model with a nice flat slide pumper carb, slightly hotter cams and bumping up the compression, something down these lines: "E" cams "E" base gasket TT FCR conversion MCCT (as long as I'm doing this...) ~$1000 Yes, I'm aware of the "3x3" airbox mod and whatnot. I will be making proper adjustments to the intake as necessitated by the needs of the engine. Given the above mentioned bike and about a grand, what would YOU do? I will read through some of the threads as well.
  11. hacktastic

    Flopped in the mud

    That sounds about right. The first thing I did was taking it to a field by the house and play in the mud...and flopped over into the muck. You giggle riding it. You giggle picking it up after you bin it.
  12. hacktastic

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    That's funny, the only thing dumb I've done so far is dropping it in the mud, dropping it at the gas station...
  13. hacktastic

    Ultra low-buck tailight solution (free...w/pics)

    Sick minds think alike. I was thinking of making a similar bracket for the exact same mod. I'm sure you know this but us street morons call this a "fender eliminator kit" that companies like Lockhart Phillips sell for 100 bucks. Do you find a mud stripe up your back because you don't have the fender?
  14. hacktastic

    Anybody running a .75" or a 1.25" Koubalink?

    ah bummer. i missed the time frame. i'm being lazy and asking for a measurement so i can extrapolate how long the dogbone should be for X drop. if you know you get .75" of drop for Y length of dogbone and know the length of the stock dogbones...well, you know where this is going. it's just algebra. i'm going to have to hang the bike from the rafters and take measurements anyhow. i want to machine a few lengths and experiment with ride height. somewhere between .75"-1.25" is probably going to work. AL is cheap. i've got the mill... i don't want to lower this bike too much but i need to get a steady foot on the ground. hey! i'll call them N00baLinks. har har har.
  15. hacktastic

    'tis a bea-U-ti-FUL thing!!

    Isn't that the best? I put the DRZ in my garage, next to my SV650 and said: "Okay, you two. MATE!" (I expect little, green DRZ650s.)