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  1. Do you run your bike at high rpms? I run My bike as a supermoto...and running at high rpms for extended periods of time will easily cause this... now I run my bike on street so it's much more wear and high rpms are seen more often. But this could still cross over to trail riding in long straights. Sand dunes etc the high rpms on these bikes do this. Now how much are you burning off/seeing come from the breather and how many hours/miles do you normally run at a time
  2. I would say if bike was running lean plus lots of engine braking that can cause this as well.
  3. That's definitely where I would start over filling by enough will cause it to definitely spew out when hot and opened...and if the cap is shot then it could very well happen with it screwed on too and considering the bikes age the over filling plus and old cap could be all your problems and hopefully all them as well lol too bad it wasnt a 426 haha
  4. Yea the 426 has blow by from the breather tube if over filled at all. I would assume the 450 would be similar. But if over filled enough I could see it coming from the dip stick when hot. Especially like mentioned if oring is bad or cap broken. But you gotta just warm the bike up for a good 5 mins or so then check oil within another 5 mins of it being off. The 426 at least my 00' takes 1.8q with a filter change. And the 450 is just over 1q. So I would check the dip stick cap like mentioned as well as drain all the extra oil out lol. If the dip stick is the only spot you a spewing oil it almost sounds like thinking it was 426 and filling oil based off that is your main problem when the oil gets hot it travels even further up the frame
  5. Well considering you guys thought it was a 426 maybe you have over a half quart too much oil in the girl[emoji23]
  6. Dewy is right all 426 sold to public were 5 speeds If you have a 4 speed one you have pretty rare 426...or more then likely your 5th gear is shot....first thing to do would be to confirm you dont have the early gen 450 motor as suggested..
  7. Whichever works best for you. It's not ever a bad idea to keep things in the thread incase I have no answer or if someone else needs the info on a search though
  8. You can get literally just about if not everything for that carb from motorsport.com I personally buy the Jd jet kit with different sizes along side a rebuild kit because I like messing with my jetting.. lol
  9. I wont speak ill of anyone, but will say I know it's not very expensive to rebuild nor are there any unavailable parts as I use mine on the road now(sumo) and used it dirt for years and have many carb parts for my bike including just a recent rebuild in January lol. I'm not sure the jets in my bike at the time and dont wanna talk out my butt but if you wanted I could pop it off and check it runs buttery smooth has great response and starts second kick cold(no hot cam mod) But like I said yes a 450 carb will be a direct bolt on. And you will need the hot start cable and lever as well as throttle cables. And if you dont plan to rejet anything the 450 carb should have better jetting stock than the 426 carb stock. The 426 carbs are ridiculously priced though I will say that haha even used people want good money.
  10. And by the way to answer your question yes a 450 carb will work on your 426 but you will need a hot start lever as I believe they went to a lever over the plunger and I think you even need the throttle cables if I'm not mistaken.
  11. What's wrong with your carb that it cant be rebuilt? Just curious. A newer 450 carb wont provide any advantage if your 426 carb is properly jetted.
  12. Guess I mixed up 1.6L for quarts lol but heres all the info you will need in this post.
  13. 3 quarts of oil is definitely too much I believe your bike calls for 1.6q if I'm not mistaken. I currently have a 2000 426 which is a very similar bike but it takes 1.8q. Theres a thread around here some where with the exact info you need. Should be a easy search.
  14. First off welcome to the forums! Second off. Did you run the engine before checking the dipstick? You must run the motor for a few minutes and then check your dipstick within 10 minutes of running the bike for an accurate reading.
  15. Yea that would be awesome the last set I seen for a wr went for about 500 and then the 100w Ricky stators are 500 so I was like oh jesus lol after putting all the money I already have into the bike trying to make her pretty. As well as road ready. It just sounds so unreasonable for some lights haha. If you could check what you have and get back to me that would be awesome. Thanks!
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