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  1. Oh cool, also a mx bike is alot more maintenance. you are going to have to rebuild at regular intervals. Something like a crf230 or ttr230 you really never rebuild it unless something is going wrong.
  2. I say go straight to a crf230. At your age a 125 4 stroke wont last long. The 230 will be a bit big at the start but if you go for a 125 you will have to upgrade in a year maybe 1, 1/2 years. I wouldn't go for a 85 two stroke. In the ideal world get a 125 for a year then get something bigger. I went from a xr150 farm bike, to a drz250, and now a crf250x. Also are you in the south island or north island in NZ?
  3. Hi this is late reply, but I was finally getting around to doing this. The bike does not have pinch bolts. So I will just loosen the top TT clamp and compress the forks?
  4. Can anybody tell me what height my jr50's float height needs to be set and where to measure. I asked this a while ago but never got round to doing it and forgot what someone told me. Thanks
  5. Yea I Will just get a mate to help with the front brakes no problem.
  6. Thanks I am going to go with just a plastic tube and just be careful to not get air in the system by pushing on the brake lever then undoing the bolt, then closing and the opening again.
  7. Ok, just picked up a little tube so im all set to go!
  8. Sorry for more questions but I thought I would ask as you have a 250x yourself. I need to replace my front brake pads I have watched some videos and some people take the whole calliper of and some dont. Do you have a link to a video or a website, maybe diagrams, that is more like the way you would change the pads on a 250x. The manual has pages on how to do a top end rebuild and not how to change the brake pads which is very funny in my eyes haha. Thanks again
  9. Okay the brakes feel very spongy and hardly work at all. He pulled out the spark plug it was black and old it had never been replaced since 2008.
  10. I have watched some videos on draining brake fluid I dont really like the way they do it. People in the comments say use a syringe to suck out the brake fluid from the reservoir. Then fill it back up. How would I go about doing this?
  11. Thanks, the guy I brought it from drained the gas from the tank and carb threw a new spark plug on and got it running. Took 5-10 mins with the electric start it fired right up. Will get round to the oil ect.
  12. Also not that I am going to do this, I wont. But if you kept riding and the valves were out of spec, would there be simple easy to spot symptoms or will something catastrophic happen? (blowing up) haha. just to be sure in both the engine and trans?
  13. Thank you but the bike actually came with a manual. (very surprised) The manual says 10w30 for the engine and transmission. But I was going to use 10w40 I already had in the engine and just buy 10w30 for the trans. But will I just buy 10w30 for both. Or will the 10w40 I already have be alright in both the engine and transmission? The bike has been sitting in a shed for about 6 years so it would probably be good to change the coolant?
  14. Just out of interest have you never shifted through all the gears full throttle? Surely you cant resist.
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