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  1. Just to let you know since u said you are new to biking. dont hold the bike wide open for long periods of time cuz it's a 2 stroke, especially when it's cold or you could seize it, try to stick with no longer then 12 seconds and u should be safe. And always make sure u warm the bike up enough in the cold weather it could take up to 8 minutes. Where the jug and radiators feel warm u are set. http://users.conwaycorp.net/virtus/page2/speed/jetting.htm This is the spanky's jetting guide. It's great to have.
  2. http://users.conwaycorp.net/virtus/page2/speed/jetting.htm The spanky is the man for this problem. He doesnt even need to post and he's gonna help u. This is a good article. Read it and follow the steps and u should be set. He also has a flowchart I cant get the link somehow bit just Google the spankys jetting and the flow chart is there. It's pretty helpfull. The trick is one thing at a time and his article does a good job. I have a cr125 so it's gonna be different then your bike but I got a jd airstriker carb and the jd needles didnt work for me I had to get a suzuki kehien tri taper needle and that works pretty good. At the moment I have a 58pilot, 170main and the suzuki needle at 4th clip. With airscrew 3 turns out (changes alot with temp) and that runs pretty well but I think I'm a tad rich so I still have some work to do. Hope this helps and good luck.
  3. I'm playing with the idea of driving down from Michigan to somewhere warm by the ocean to do some riding and swimming during the winter. Do you guys have any recommendations? Preferably two or three mx tracks near each other and near the ocean so I can ride a couple different places. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana or Texas would be good. Thanks.
  4. Where are you buying the track?
  5. If money isnt an issue get the 150 and put a recluse clutch on it. It will make life alot easier for her
  6. I have a cr125 and my buddy has a yz125 and they both take 650ml so I'd guess it would be that much or a little more in an rm250. This is just a guess. I recomend you tubing it and see how much they put in.
  7. Make it super rich and it'll lose power. Probably a dumb idea though but it would work. The best thing to do is get that clutch really easy to pull so u can shut the power down when u need to so you dont have to worry about whisky throttle. Use a pulley system or get a hydraulic clutch, you dont want softer springs cuz that could lead to clutch slipping. Also u could gear it really low and it would cut down on the low end torque but it would probably make hill climbs harder. If u want to get good at riding get a 125 2t rid it for 2 years then sell it. U will be so good at using the clutch u wont have a problem with you current bike.
  8. If the overflow is plugged any extra gas will run into the engine making it run rich and if its rich enough itll run like crap. The one on the bottom on that back is the float overflow hose the most likely culprit in this case. The ones on the sides are only used if the bike is tipped. If it was constantly running bad then the floats are probably too high cuz there shouldn't be a need to use the overflow all the time.
  9. You turn the airscrew in to make it richer and out to make it leaner. If it's as bad as you are saying you need to change the pilot . Starting, idle and a tiny bit of the bottom end of the throttle is all controlled by the pilot and airscrew. And the airscrew only affects it a little bit. http://users.conwaycorp.net/virtus/page2/speed/jetting.htm This is the spanky's jetting guide. It's the best breakdown on jetting I've ever seen. Hope it helps
  10. Yeehaw! Looks like good practice
  11. I'm in armada. Where u at? I hit up the mounds last sunday. It was muddy af.
  12. This is great. Lol. What is the world coming to.
  13. If he starts on a 250 2t his learning curve is going to be shallow and there's a chance he could get hurt being how light he is. If u ride a slower bike fast you learn alot more them if you just putts a powerful fast bike. Hans, your the pro man, u know more then I do. How come u think he should start on a 250?
  14. [emoji106] sounds good. Have fun and stay safe.
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