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  1. Knightly

    Should you always use all your travel?

    My two cents... If I don’t bottom once or twice a ride, I know I am setup too stiff. My theory is that you are leaving suspension performance on I the table by not using it all the travel. But, there are a lot of variables. Do you have the right springs for your weight? Is the rear sag set correctly for you? Once the basics (above) are set, return all the clickers to the stock setting (owners manual). Ride the bike... if your not bottoming, backoff the compression damping until you do (front and rear). Then go in a click or two. Now the bike will be using all the available travel and should be preforming close to its potential.
  2. I have a... 01 KTM 520 with the full RACE tech setup = pretty good 18 Husky 501FE with MX Tech lucky system. = better than the 01, but it’s not huge. The real difference to me is the handling and weight difference = night and day. On the street.. I had a 07 KTM Superduke 990... suspension just ok. I have a 14 Ducati Multistrada 1200 with electronic Skyhook suspension = a hole new world! Way better! It could be a game changer when electronic controlled/actuated suspension becomes mainstream in the off-road world.
  3. Most guys just do it by trial and error... and online forums. Some will install a wide band O2 sensor and display... overkill but fun. Easiest is just buy a JD jetting tuning kit for $79
  4. Power valve should not effect plug fouling. Jetting, oil ratio and the fact that it idled for 90 minutes is a bigger factor. +1 Air screw out 1/2 turn, but if it starts to surge, turn it back in (too lean)
  5. Knightly

    Scratched frame of bike

    Don’t worry about it. I’ve seen tubes crushed flat like a soda can before (I’d be worried about that). Just get a full coverage plate and bash away[emoji846]
  6. The Xplor WP forks are not that great. In an effort to save money, they left out parts...literally. The two compression adjusters at the bottom of the fork... gone. Instead they made one of the usual two rebound adjustments on the top, into a make shift compression adjustment. There is a long post in the suspension section about this. The conclusion is... Buy a kit to replace the missing parts Or Install a whole internal replacement kit (sphere, MX TECH LUCKY, Ohlins etc) I went with the Lucky kit. Works great.
  7. I’ve tried two strokes on the street. Mostly miserable. It’s ok for connecting trails, but as a street bike it was awful.
  8. Knightly

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    With the Fat front tire, I have to raise the fork tubes in the clamps 5-10mm to get it to feel right again.
  9. Knightly

    Slavens S3 mule head won't fit

    I’m guessing you got the 300 head. Oops!
  10. Knightly

    Does a 125 make a better rider?

    It just different opinions.[emoji846] I’m just reporting on what I experienced. I’m a big bore guy that has to modify everything I ride to be faster... yet I learned something riding a 125, the least powerful of the full size bikes. I agree that you can be fast on anything with hard work[emoji106]
  11. Knightly

    Does a 125 make a better rider?

    You don’t need to buy a 125, but they do (in my opinion) have a place. Don’t worry about the lingo, every sport has it’s language. You’ll learn it with time[emoji106][emoji846]. Just get out and ride... anything!
  12. Knightly

    Does a 125 make a better rider?

    I guess I should have said that while learning to ride, a 125 is a valuable tool to help you master clutch, throttle, momentum and planning. It not the end all be all for training. Time in the saddle being intensional about working on your skill is the best. The four strokes allow you to be lazy while the 125 demands your attention... but you can be intensional on a four stroke... you just don’t have to be.
  13. Knightly

    Does a 125 make a better rider?

    You cant use logic! You must make a wild statement based on nothing but unrestricted emotions! [emoji12]
  14. Knightly

    WP Xplor fork solutions

    Where is it leaking from? Fork seal, bottom of the fork. It’s likely fixable, unless you did serious damage...
  15. Knightly

    Damaged swingarm bought off eBay

    It’s likely fine[emoji106]