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  1. Very nice! I wonder how many hours and dollars went into the restoration...
  2. Can you get parts? If not than NO!
  3. Thanks for the recommendations... I’ll likely try the M5B next...
  4. I moved from the Seattle area a few years ago... still figuring out my setup down here. Maybe I’ll try the m5b next...
  5. I don’t worry about tire wear as I’m riding... I just ride... I still haven’t found the perfect tire. GT333 works great, wears fast for me. 505 cheater has great traction, wears good, but it wallows to much during aggressive turns (even at 12-14psi). Sedona 907MX, not bad... good initial traction and wears semi good, but does nothing outstanding (jack of all trades?). I love the GT/Shinko 216 fatty front, but for the rear I’m still searching... any thoughts for SoCal hills riding?
  6. I tried the GT333. One of the best tires ever for the first 200 miles. After that the traction went downhill fast. At 400 miles I couldn’t wait to replace it.
  7. You would think that the FE’s would be green sticker if they come with all the emissions stuff...[emoji848] Oops, just remembered that for 2020 there is a FE AND a FEs...
  8. Skid plate, wrap around hand guards, end-cap spark arrestor, then spend some time riding it. You’ll find something you don’t like after a couple rides. Fix the problems one at a time. Some things that you think will bother you won’t, and new gripes will show up. Unless your on a MX track, your likely to find your suspension stiff and unforgiving. Play with the clickers first (reduce the compression damping front and rear). If you can’t find a suspension setting you like , then find a tuner for a revalve. At least now you can tell them what you don’t like about your suspension.
  9. Dave Hopkins (DJH) is THE KTM guru[emoji106]
  10. Here are screenshot from my KTMTalk from a year ago... It looks like you need a intake boot front a 06-07 525 EXC, and a new filter cage and filter to match (also 06-07 exc 525). Swapping the intake boot is easier than I thought it would be.
  11. Yup. Just do a eBay search for FCR carb. Look for something in the 06+ year range off a 450 or bigger that is super clean, and preferably off a KTM with the throttle and cables. I’ll see if I can find the intake parts I used...
  12. ... that’s why I went to a different carb.[emoji846] tokyomods or Dave Hopkins(DJH) may be able to help, but it might be cheaper to buy a super clean used carb off a newer bike. I think I paid $200ish, plus a intake boot off a newer model, but I got lucky and found one in near perfect condition.
  13. The best thing I ever did on my 01 520 was to replace the stock FCR carb with one from a much later bike. eBay has a bunch, but it needs a different intake boot from a newer model (fits right in).
  14. $738?!? A Bosch Wideband O2 is $96. I wonder why it is so expensive.
  15. Have your head cut to set your squish tighter for higher performance... or a pipe... or both[emoji106]
  16. Maximum RPM (rev limiter) rarely gives max power (horse power). Each engine design is different. A bike could be on the “Pipe” at a relatively low RPM (trials bike), because they need instant low RPM torque more than max possible HP.
  17. Riding on the “Pipe” is riding at the RPM where the two stroke is making its most power. This RPM range depends on engine size, expansion pipe design, porting etc. but In general at a higher RPM for smaller engines (85-125), and mid RPM for bigger bikes. You’ll know when a good running two stroke comes on the “Pipe” as things begin to happen fast (moving forward, front wheel coming up). Not to be confused with slipping the clutch... a faster way to get the bike on the “Pipe”.
  18. Wow... that is a seriously expensive wide band O2 sensor. Kind of implies it can self tune (or is it just emissions)...makes me wonder if there is a way to change the target a/f ratio... Is this from the EXC or XCW?
  19. FYI, lots of used bikes 03 and earlier are grandfathered in as green sticker bikes. I have a 01 KTM 520 that is plated and green sticker... could be an option.
  20. Not identical, but very similar. The tire compound feels similar, tread is similar and the sidewall seem more normal sized (the big 505 sidewall is Tall).
  21. ...possibly some junk in the tank worked loose and clogged the float needle where it seats to the carb body, holding it open. Just a theory.
  22. Just out of curiosity, what is the new sensor?
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