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  1. I’m really liking my new Klim F5. Light and great ventilation. I’ll never go back to my Bell moto 9
  2. I’m really liking my new Klim F5. Light and great ventilation. I’ll never go back to my Bell moto 9
  3. Well he rode mine too [emoji6] .......and he didn’t buy a Husky. I hope your bike is solid now. What was the deal w the coolant leak?
  4. So the ride is still on but thread is dead? Like I said.....not the sharpest
  5. Ok I’m confused. Apparently I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Is the thread just dead but the ride is still on or is the whole thing dead?
  6. So I bought it for my 11 yo son to ride around the place. He absolutely loves it!!! Hasn’t been able to run the battery totally down yet but he only rides for an hour or so at a time. For me, at 6’4” and 215, it’s a little small but still great fun to ride. Suspension is so so and the power is pretty good.....for what it is. I didn’t expect an Alta but did expect it to be better than an electric MTB, which it certainly is! Quality is suprisingly good, but u need to manage your expectations. No way could it replace my bikes but it is a great addition and really fun to ride. I rode it quite a bit last Saturday doing simple trials stuff and it worked very well. Throttle is a little difficult to modulate but not too bad. This bike would be perfect for someone that lives in an area that they’d like to explore but wouldn’t accommodate the noise of a gasser. Edit to add: I ride it in my shorts and a t shirt. MTB helmet
  7. I bought a Sur Ron a month ago. Fun!
  8. How are the clown cars part of the solution?
  9. Why are u getting so offended? Do u really not understand the issue or do u feel threatened? I have 4 side by sides, 3 four wheelers, and 4 dirt bikes. Not bragging, just pointing out that I enjoy most off-road motorsports. BUT the OP is right. Righteous indignation won’t make the issue go away. Something does need to be done or we all lose everything.
  10. The OP has been silent for a while.... Did he forget to take his phone to the bathroom?
  11. Voted! Good luck Maybe I’ll see u there. Edit: looks like u can vote daily
  12. Went to Big Bend nat’l park last year with a group of guys. Unfortunately it was the same weekend as a dual sport adventure group ride. Dozens, if not a hundred relatively incapable guys and gals on huge bikes. Anyway, came around a corner in the two track road and here come a couple riding side by side. Guy in my side slowly moves over while I’m fully locked up. I yell at him to stay on his side of the damned road. He flips me off. 5 minutes later happens again. Pretty much same response. Now I’m pissed. Somebody is gonna get hurt. Well the next encounter I can see the guy coming but this time there’s a line of riders and they’re all single file in the left of the road. He sees me, I see him and I motion for him to get over. He doesn’t and neither do I. Well we both stop front wheels touching and I start chewing his ass. “Are y’all from England or something? WTF!” He says he’s the leader and teaching all the riders behind him how to pick a line.....on a frigging road!!! I said some things I shouldn’t have and roosted him. Kinda felt bad afterwards when we found them on the way back. The lead guy had broken his leg and his group was scattered all over a little hill climb. Bikes everywhere and there were several women in the group. Said they’d never ride again. Anyway we helped em best we could but jeez they were dumb!!
  13. I have a 300 tpi and a 500 excf, both 2019s. The 500 is de smogged and re mapped and is damned near perfect! I like it much better than my ‘17 350. More power, better power curve and more lugability. It was damned near perfect in every way......until I got the 300. Now I realize that in the really tight stuff it is less perfect than the 300, but still great. It’s just different. The top end on the 300 sucks but that’s where the 500 comes in. They are two different tools for this tool 🤪 and I think I have the perfect combo...for now.
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