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  1. buenavides1

    baja pictures

    That surely is a good souvenir.
  2. buenavides1

    Listening to music while riding?

    No, I feel like it's not safe riding a motorbike with a headphones on.
  3. buenavides1

    Hail to the KING!

    It's the Eli Tomac show!
  4. Old companion, but works like a new one.
  5. buenavides1

    Surgery needed?

    Get well soon, take some break and you'll be fine.
  6. Everyone is gathered up, it's like a get-together.
  7. buenavides1

    Its friggin COLD man !

    Those kids look so adorable even if it's freezing cold outside.
  8. buenavides1

    Riding and Camping areas in Arizona

    https://azstateparks.com/where-to-ride Check out this map for information.
  9. buenavides1

    Random California picture thread related to motorcycles

    Lake Arrowhead California ❤️
  10. buenavides1

    Random Music Thread

    Something is missing but this song is not that bad.
  11. buenavides1

    What bike should i get?

    The question is how much is your budget for a new bike?
  12. buenavides1

    Honda 300 fourtrax

    Have you tried to visit a car mechanic? I can say that you did exert effort on trying to figure out what's wrong but still it doesn't work.
  13. buenavides1

    This day in Yamaha history

    Good thing that he has managed to recover from his injury last month.
  14. buenavides1

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?

    I won't take the risk unless everything is back to normal. I don't want to experience the worst.