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  1. Tgerrish88

    2005 yfz 450 clutch help

    Wound up just being the clutch cable. Replaced with all balls clutch cable and shes back in action🤙💪
  2. Tgerrish88

    2005 yfz 450 clutch help

    Absolutely and thank you for the quick response
  3. Tgerrish88

    2005 yfz 450 clutch help

    I live in Sandy Creek area about half hour north of Syracuse. I'm really hoping its not the clutch itself. Its never slipped and never had any problems before right then. I bought the quad last summer from a guy in the central square area and he had both adjustments on the perch and the cable maxed out, another guy on another forum is saying it probably just needs a new cable so I'm gonna start there and hope for the best
  4. Tgerrish88

    2005 yfz 450 clutch help

    Went riding Saturday and about 60 miles into our annual snirt run after an entire day of the wheeler running flawlessly my clutch lever got alot of play in the last half mile of day then as I came to a stop I noticed the clutch wouldnt disengage. Changed oil the night before, clutch never slipped even a little bit, however the adjustment on the perch and the cable are maxed out from previous owner. It starts in neutral but when I pull the lever in and put it in gear it stalls out. If I start it in gear it jumps forward. Anyone ever have a problem like this? I pretty much know nothing about clutches so any help would be greatly appreciated.