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  1. ChucKLR219

    Well sh## my oil bolt is siezed and rounded

    its an m12x .5 , and i would lightly heat with a torch and some vise grips. Ive even had to take an angle grinder to a bolt before make two sides square to grab onto.
  2. So i recently put a pro circuit forest friendly spark arrestor on, for dnr land, and im getting what seems to be predetonation. Im running VP T2 fuel. br7 plug and jetting according to their specs. 01 yz125.
  3. ChucKLR219

    Innerlake redbird

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDNda5gZttA&t=489s went out to mill creek today terrible camera angle. but i think i sent you my number. its a fun place and after buying my DNR sticker, its only $7/ a day to ride or $8 if you pay with card. but the dnr sticker is good for the year and only $18. cam shut off after 12 mins and kicked back on nearly two hours later for 3mins, so idk whats up with my GOPRO but oh well, at 6 mins i drop my bike upside down lol
  4. ChucKLR219

    Innerlake redbird

    Millcreek is single track. I'll have to let you know for sure Sat. If I can ride sunday
  5. ChucKLR219

    Innerlake redbird

    redbird is closed now, but if your interested in someone to rip with MillCreek has some decent trails. Its just north west of marshall IL total cost for first ride is $24, then 7/day after that, (they charge you $18 for your IL DNR sticker for first ride) but im up to ride when im off. caseys fun too but the trails are muddy AF
  6. MZS adjustable levers before turning out the screw they are incredibly close to the grips and adjust out to way to far might try them ony $24 on ebay and they fold out when you happen to kiss the dirt. only other option i could see for you after all these comments is a Clayke or buy a recluse and only use the clutch when the recluse cant save you.. My YZ has the shittiest front brakes imaginable, ive rebuilt the caliper the master cyl. replaced the line. paid a local shop to do it. and no one can figure out why they wont build pressure. so i have my lever on that out so far its annoying and even smashing into the bar they dont lock. I have pretty large hands and i feel your pain here. nothing worse than a lever thats too far to grip right but cant shorten because your chubby booger hooks prevent full disengagement of the clutch.