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  1. Rode the 2020 yz250x for the first time today. My bike is a well setup 2018 300xcw with gobs of power. The suspension on the X is fantastic. KTM should he embarrassed for sending out the WP xplor they have been using. The AER are not to bad but xplor give up on the high speed repetitive hits really quick. But the comparison ends there I think. The yz250x seems to turn OK and once you hit second and gain speed the suspension is great. But the low end grunt and power goes to ktm. The estart. The hydro clutch. The counterbalancing. The Speedo and trip computer are all nice creature comforts. If your on a budget and looking for a nice fantastic enduro bike just go and grab the X and you'll be more than happy. For a 4000 difference the X may be the way to go but given money no object you buy the ktm and spend another 2k on suspension.
  2. He must talking about British pounds because that price is totally unheard of here as well. That bike is 11700 Canadian pesos plus pdi freight and 12% tax. Better be ready to write a cheque for 13700 out the door if you want one. You can find a 2020 yz250x for 8000.00. Bang for the buck the X is a far better value but not everyone's dollars come to them the same way so some don't mind the extra few thousand for the Ktm and some do. A few in our group which were long time ktm owners are now on the X with zero complaints.
  3. 2018 300xcw My bike the same. Very difficult to find neutral when running. I don't think it is unusual as I have seen it allot. Wouldn't worry about it at all. It's a good thing to save false neutrals when riding.
  4. Yes I was quoting the specs the owner gave me, his motor was built for him so he was abviously mistaken as well. I know foresure they are reducing the thickness of the base gasket but myself do not know exact thickness specs. I believe slavens did a video on reducing the base gasket and there is 2 of the guys I ride with that followed that theory One guy is my size and he now runs the soft map on his bike to tame the beast. I can see the bike working very well riding a gear high every where but be careful with that throttle. They also have the torque wings in their carbs. Not sure how much of a difference that makes but the total package is ridiculous
  5. I rode the strongest 300 today I have even been on. Far to strong for my needs 2018 TX 300. Stock mikuni carb. Jd blue 3rd clip. Didn't check his main or pilot as I was helping him with needle settings. 4mm base gasket. Slavens mule head. Cut stock silencer, about 3 inches taken off. Just had a new piston and rings installed. The bike runs very clean and crisp as well. There was minimal feedback when coming back into idle The bike was crazy strong. Far stronger than mine and not nearly anything I would need. Maybe after some time on it I could get used to it but it was wild. The owner is 260lbs I'm 190 so big difference. He loves it. I'll agree with post above. My 36 keihen does sign off before the 38 mikuni up top. For reference my mikuni does have the slide notch and all the GJ mods along with new jet block gasket kit. I am betting your getting a cleaner signal due to the RK tek head, and race gas. The bike must work well with that combo.
  6. Yes you will find with the mikuni that you'll have to turn the idle screw for slightly higher idle to prevent stalling on the down hills. You'll also notice as you mentioned it's not super clean when coming off the throttle to idle. I was never able to increase my idle or change my pilot to avoid those issues with mikuni. That being said if you can see past that, the carb is a monster from 1/4 to wide open. The keihen will give you a much stronger idle signal and the bike will tick over much faster. You'll be able to drop your slide down a fair amount further than on a mikuni. With the Suzuki needle the keihen is electric smooth and clean every where. There is one in the classifieds for dirt cheap. I'm surprised it's lasted this long.
  7. Stock needle jet on the 2018 mikuni 27.5 pilot, Jd red. 2nd or 3rd or even a 2.5 clip 420 to 440 main All the GJ mods, set float to 8.7 Stock 4 slide Your bike will rip. I run a 36mm keihen with necj 2nd clip 38 pilot and 170 main. Idles stronger and little quicker response but won't out pull that mikuni on top end. I would have no issues running either carb. This is on my 2018 300 xcw. For a 250 maybe go a touch richer.
  8. Give the forks 20hrs to fully settle in. And coming off re valved KYB you may have just realized that the AER are not in the same league. 170 lbs you'll want to be around 130 to 135 psi. Make sure you are bleeding both forks before every ride. Some people don't know that the hex screw on the air side must be bled as well before every ride and during
  9. We all cut 3.5 inches off out stock muffler. Put a EE spark arrestor cap on the end and done. 30 min job. I have never seen spooge or a drop of oil on my exhaust pipe ever. Run both mikuni and keihen carbs on my 2018 300xcw. Maybe it has something to do with the short exhaust. Not sure. Bike screams but I do have it jetted very crisp.
  10. It's a really good thing Yamaha doesn't release a yz300x with hydro clutch, counter balancer and estart because it would decimate the boutique brands immediately. Best suspension in the business and their 30% cheaper than the boutiques. Even though my last 10 bikes have been a ktm or husky it still upsets me that you spend 12k and have to deal with spending another 1k on suspension. You can buy a X for 8k and have the best suspension on the market with a bullet proof history, with the new potrntial upgrades maybe 9k, But you'll never need spheres 2500, or lucky cartridges 1500, or kyb inserts 2000 on your new Yamaha. Yamaha has the technology to easily make the 300 with e start, CB, hydro clutch, almost makes me think the boutique brands are paying them not to. It's a good thing Yamaha is so diverse and doesn't really need to focus on the off-road world to much or the trouble would set in really quick
  11. CEK bronze. Necj silver. I have gone back and forth and have to say I'll be staying with the necj. Idles cleaner and stronger. Runs cleaner and smoother. The CEK is very strong and clean needle from 1/2 to WOT though just didn't have the down low response I liked.
  12. I have not tried the necw, I am hesitant to try it as the necj on clip 3 had allot of feedback. Once put to clip 2 it cleans right up and becomes perfect. Therefore didn't want to try a richer needle. The necj is like a sewing machine. Not a ton of hit off the pipe and very smooth. I do like a bit of hit so when you can the clutch the bike jumps up and takes off. I rode exact same terrain and elevation as widebear. He's located 45km away from me so exact same besides he's on a beta and I'm on a ktm300. My mikuni carb also works very well. I'd say it pulls stronger than the mikuni after half throttle but does not run as clean and the keihen responds a bit better down low. My mikuni is set up with jd red 3rd clip.27.5 pilot. 430 main. Jet block repair and all the GJ mods. I have no issues with that carb the way it sits but I do like the low end response of the keihen a bit better and it also idles stronger and doesn't stall as much on the downhill.
  13. I'll share my findings as well. 2018 ktm 300xcw. 36 air Stryker. CEK needle 2nd clip. 38 pilot. 165 main. AS2. 6.5 slide. Needle pulls very strong once past 1/8 throttle. Has a touch of gargle at 1/8 but I don't spend allot of time there. Comparing it to the necj I feel the CEK pulls stronger but not as clean down low off idle. That necj is crystal clean at idle all the way through the gears and back to idle. I'm happy with either needle. There is not enough difference between the 2 for me to really bother picking one over the other at this point. There both good needles.
  14. I'm running a 36 AS keihen on a 2018 ktm 300. Would the CEK needle work well with this setup. Currently running the suzuki necj 2nd clip 38 and 165 main. It's very smooth but I could always use more power especially if it's smooth power.
  15. Well if the rumors are true and the 2020 beta RE arrives with KYB. There is no need to worry about 2020 ktm 300 TPI and if your going to end up with one that has issues or get lucky with one that works. Kyb and beta will attract a massive school of ktm riders I'm sure. Myself after 10 years on KTM and husky will be one of them. Currently ride a 2018 300 xcw and usually buy a new one every year. My next bike will be beta if I see KYB.
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