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  1. rmz757

    Denver area graphics

    theres a couple locally, but there are much better places out of state. www.180decals.com has been my choice for plates and graphics since 05. they make the best looking stuff around hands down. www.ozzmods.com does some cool stuff too, but some of the color combos he likes to use look a bit strange.
  2. rmz757

    SRCA at watkins

    what # is on the back of the jersey? 250 nov hasnt had a ton of riders this year, so you may be ok with that # forever if you want haha. For your #s maybe just go buy a set of stick on #s from wherever your local shop is. If you really want to help the scoring ladies out, maybe put black electrical tape down as a background and then lay your #s down on top of that. I have made a couple riders do that that were repeat offenders of the background rule haha. Have fun with it. The track looked amazing last time we were up there other than a few spots where they put a bit too much water down.
  3. rmz757

    50cc SRAC

    Sounds like it was a good outing for all involved.
  4. rmz757

    Wildrat / Phantom Canyon Riders

    Nice job. Good photo gallery too lance haha
  5. rmz757

    50cc SRAC

    Cool deal. at that stage its all about having fun. How did he end up?
  6. rmz757

    50cc SRAC

    Byron stopped running the 50cc class on those races because theres was never more than 2 riders for it, and more often than not there were none. They will probably run the little guys a way down the order so they can make it all the way around the track without too many issues. I figure if the class 1 and 2 kids can make it around PMI and Lakewood berthough should be no problem for them.
  7. rmz757

    Vet Race at VDR

    2 stroke class??? I loved that last year, other than the fact i couldnt hear the other bikes around me because i was used to hearing the overly loud tractors haha
  8. rmz757

    Dirt Days?

    youll park in the pits where all the big rigs were last weekend. Most crashes out there are either minor tipping over in a corner or huge ******* over elbows stuff. theres really no in between stuff. as long as they keep the bumps under control youll have no problems. also the downhill doubles, the far back table, launch over table, double out of the hole, and 2 step ups are all pretty easy to jump. the triple down looked like it was easier than usual too. grab the throttle on that big fo fiddy!
  9. Look for the goon going slow on the whited out yz250
  10. Well after 8 months of my beloved yz250 sitting in the garage collecting dust i had to go start it up to make sure its going to run. Anyone hitting aztec sunday afternoon? I think me adnd the old man are gonna make like a baby and head out.
  11. rmz757

    Non o-ring chain on YZ250

    i have been running the vortex cat 5 sprockets and the RK 520 ert chain for a while now. hell the cat 5 sprockets went through all ov the 07 season and are still in good shape, as is the chain.
  12. I run the factory fatty / shorty silencer set up on my 05 and love it. Most of the local tracks i can run 3rd gear just about everywhere with a little clutch fanning and agressive lines. as far as maintaining it, its really not that bad. I spray it all down with wd 40 after washing the bike, then give it a little love with a scotch brite pad, Wipe it off with a rag, then spray it down again with wd. adds maybe 10 minutes to everything.
  13. rmz757

    YZ250 and Amsoil Dominator

    I run it in my bikes at 44:1. 50:1 seems a little scary to me.
  14. rmz757

    kyle summers gets 10th in first moto!!!!

    We were sitting right next to byron during the motos, and byron was just way excited that 2 of "his kids" (short and summers) finished top 10 the 1st moto.
  15. rmz757

    Track closest to the Springs?

    krack, the RC track is run by different people than the mx track, plus it takes way way less water to dampen a 180' x 150' area than it does to keep a mx track wet and tacky. hell the amount of water put down on the rc track would be gone after 2 bikes run over it. I run RC cars a little bit, and helped out saturday. they watered the track down after the drivers meeting, and was bone dry by the end of the 1st heat race