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  1. Thestephman

    Street legal bike in Ontario

    I don’t think so
  2. Honestly when I go for a quick ride I tuck my phone in my boot on the right side I just keep the top strap loose
  3. Thestephman

    Crf 50 street legal?

    No absolutely not. Are you insured plated registered .
  4. I bring a spark plug wrench , water ,my phone in a backpack a small snack like a granola bar and just tell my wife when I’m expecting to be back and what trails I’m going to. And don’t stray away from your plan . Wish I had some people to ride with. Ugghhh a lot of hot air around here
  5. Thestephman

    IRC Tire USA

  6. Can’t wait to get on the crf 450l dual sport
  7. Why don’t you buy a used 250 to putt around on. Your kid will only get faster quickly
  8. Thestephman

    Looking for cure - tendinitis/tennis elbow

    I had it for 6-8 months until it “went away” I like a535 creme
  9. Thestephman

    Ontario motorcycle insurance?

    George rappos dejardins I’m paying 78 a year for my green plated liability insured Honda crf250f . Just off-road bike no m needed . most likely only offer liability because dirt bikes get stolen frequently. Which makes insurance companies hesitant
  10. Check the fuel line to throttle body fuel filter check from tank to injector at every connection . Did you check spark on the spark plug. Do that right away and confirm that you’ve got spark
  11. Thestephman

    Ontario motorcycle insurance?

    Blue plates is for the road green for off-road if it’s over 100$ a month your lookingon the wrong place. Dejardins George rappos
  12. Spark test . And make sure your getting fuel
  13. Thestephman

    Cr 80 Ignition Coil-Help Needed!

    I wouldn’t accept compression under 80 lbs That’s a tiny little cylinder .
  14. Thestephman

    Cr 80 Ignition Coil-Help Needed!

    Definitely take a jumper wire if it’s just the wire clip together . Bring a continuity tester / multimeter . Check compression for sure .