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  1. friday

    Scrub! :-)

  2. friday

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    i want them! how much!?
  3. friday

    NLA Digital

    hey jason! i dont know if you remember me but i met you out at AV motoplex...with my buddy eric and he broke his thumb on your bike?? lol im not sure if you remember but but name is sean and i saw your post and i just wanted to say hi! it was really great meeting you! maybe we can go ride sometime!
  4. nice bike D-K dont listen to this guy
  5. i think he was 212 for most of his am. days...dont quote me on that tho
  6. friday

    08RMZ450 Reliable Bike?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! probably like one of top ten funniest posts i have ever read on here! this actually made me LOL
  7. friday

    08 RMZ450 vs 06 RM250 Comparison

    goood write up! nice read
  8. friday

    PIRU MX today

    me and my dad will be at i-5 tomorrow im not sure what time were gunna be out there but look for 2 hondas number 710 and the other 111 my name is sean friday and my dads name is thad! what year is your rmz?
  9. friday

    looking for pic, quality braking

    http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b307/seanfriday/brakin.jpg[/img]"] hes thinking of something more like this
  10. friday

    DR. D Exhaust System and Mod Box for 08

    juice box sorry i had too
  11. friday

    Riding video of me

    hahaha obviously you dont have the moto scores i was leading the first moto when my bike blew up lol i didnt couldnt even race the second moto..lol nice try tho
  12. friday

    Riding video of me

    that doesnt exist anymore...its the toyota ama arenacross series
  13. friday

    Riding video of me

    yeah im going to be racing the arenacross series this year :] im so stoked its gunna be awesome
  14. friday

    Riding video of me

    not all that impressive? well your an idiot