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  1. arel451

    CR22 is he done

    I thought I read somewhere he preferred the feeling of his 2012 Honda. He looked good on that bike.
  2. arel451

    JGR mediocrity

    Hopefully for 2014 Yamaha has the issues sorted out for their 450 because they're taking the same gamble with their new 250 (reverse engine layout) and if that doesn't work nobody's riding them.
  3. arel451

    Motocross JGR mediocrity

    Although I'm not the biggest fan of the latest YZ450 I'm sure JGR has a lot of the issues sorted out. Why do they have these two plugs out there riding around getting beaten by 35 year old Travis Preston? I say they give the ride to someone who deserves it like Phil Nicoletti or even Weston Peick. Useless absolutely useless!
  4. arel451

    Classic SX

    Buddy on the kite bike ate it pretty hard! Lol
  5. When Carmichael commented "if Tickle rode any slower he'd fall over". Funny to hear a team owner comment on his rider like that on national television.
  6. arel451

    2011 Ergonomics for 6 foot rider

    I went with taller bars and the only other thing I may change is the shifter for a Hammerhead. I'm 6'2 btw.
  7. arel451

    Reed and Stewie...again!

    Just from what I read on the RacerX website they said a couple of other riders said they felt Grant may have been the cause. It's just funny how those two end up tangled up with each other.
  8. Well it looks like the first lap pile up these two found each other again. I had to laugh At how hot Stewart was at Reed when Erin Bates decided to interview him. Funny thing is Grant may have been the cause of the whole thing.
  9. arel451

    What's up with Grant?

    Totally agree.
  10. arel451

    who's gonna win Rnd 3 ?

    Barcia RV Canard Reed Dungey
  11. arel451

    2014 YZ450

    The KXF 450 fork is full air. The RMZ is single side functioning.
  12. arel451

    Oil Window on KX450F

    Are you losing coolant? Just checking that may give you your answer.
  13. arel451

    Motocross JGR's Next Big Thing

    Well since it appears James is as good as gone who do you see as JGR's next big signing?
  14. arel451

    2013 YZ450F

    I would think that they would address some of the smaller concerns maybe narrower shrouds some slight geometry changes, mapping, weight and of course bng. There's no way they'd reconfigure the reverse cylinder that would be admitting they were wrong plus they have a lot of money invested in that design.
  15. arel451

    Help plz, oil overflow

    The problem turned out to be a malfunctioning oil Pump. Too bad it wasn't just overfilled.