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    New to me xr650r oil change problems and questions

    Hey y’all a little update and a few more questions. So since the oil chance I’ve been checking the oil constantly and after 2, 40mile 50/50 dirt street commutes. And a 200 mile day I seemed to have lost more oil. In this time 125 of thoes miles we county road and highway. 65-70 mph constantly and 75 hard off-road miles. The bike is geared 15/48 and I led the pack all day and the people behind me say the bike does Not smoke at all. I also have no leaks anywhere I’ve looked until I’m blue in the face. So mid ride before I hit the highway home yesterday I checked it again. And in roughly 300 miles I went from a full reading on my dipstick to only about an inch of oil on the lower portion of the dipstick .I’m not sure how much that works out to I would guess I poured roughly 2 cups back in it. Is this normal oil usage?? Because I really hate the ideal of having to carry oil with me to do let’s say a 350 mile day ride or adventure. Also the bike starts first kick. Runs nice and cool. No wierd noises. NO SMOKE! Air cleaner is clean. Is it being blown out the crankcase breather? my crankcase breather is routed into my airbox like stock and so if it was being blown through there I would think I would see residue inside the airbox witch I don’t at all it is clean as a whistle. Bike has 6300 miles. And valves are in spec
  2. Franksideeffects

    Problems with 8” race tec light.

    Alright guys I’ve got a little update and more questions. And some new findings. Just to start this off right my Dakar dual sport kit has a handle at mounted switch to select low/high beam, horn turn signals. And also a switch to turn the headlight on and off or put on a parking light. When I first installed the race light with the Rickyz stator and the voltage regulator provided with the ds kit.(already mounted on the bike.) everything Function perfectly the lights worked everything on my ds kit.worked no problems. I tried installing 100 W LED bulb because I wanted a brighter headlight. And it worked fine at first but after five minutes of riding it stopped working and simultaneously the rest of my dual sport kit stopped working. Next I try to 100 W Hella incandescent bulb and have the same issues( trying to rule non compatable leds . I should also note that the lights don’t burn out, the filament is totally intact and it looks fine. It juststoped working. So I tried it again with the original bulb that used to work fine and have the same issue. The fuses were not burnt and if I switched the handlebar mounted switch to the headlight off position My dual sport kit comes back on. I’m wondering if it could be my voltage regulator But I would think that if that went bad the rest of my dual sport kit wouldn’t work at all. Even with the headlightoff The other strange thing is that with every bulb I’ve tried. It all seems to work when I ride it around my block to test it out but once I go on any extended rides it ends up going out on me. Any thoughts on the cause of this. Because to me it seems like if I had the handlebar mounted switch in the on position even if the headlight bulb went bad my dual sport kit should function.
  3. Hey guys the bike in question is a 2000 Honda xr650r. The bike has been dualsported. I’m running a Dakar ds kit. Ricky’s 200w Stator wired for all dc. With the race tech 8”light. The race light came with the special lens that allows it to use automotive style bulbs or what you would normally find in most bikes with high and low beam. After installing the stater I was not that impressed with how bright the headlight was so it started me searching for a new bulb. So far I’ve tried 100 watt LED bulbs, And they stopped working after 5 min. So I just tried a 80/100w hella off road dual filement bulb and it also stoped working after 5 min of riding. With 200 W of power available and me not running any other accessories aside from the lights and trail tech computer I would think 100 W bulb would have plenty of power to function. The lights all work great at first no flickering or anything but then after a short ride they stop working. Does anybody have any suggestions on what bulbs to run or maybe could someone shed some light on why am having this issue
  4. Franksideeffects

    New to me xr650r oil change problems and questions

    Thanks for the info and suggestions. Here is a little update. The oils screen was clear and clean. I did a valve adjustment and they were within tolerance. Good to know on priming the oil system. I’m hoping I just caught it in time. I now understand how critical I have to be with the oil level. After having ktms for a few years and going back to the Honda recently I must have let that good old Honda reliablety trick me into not being as diligent as a should have been
  5. Franksideeffects

    New to me xr650r oil change problems and questions

    Good to know I did kick it through to get all the oil out.. I did fill it with 1.25 quarts then ran it for 5 sec. then filled up the rest totaling 1.7 us quarts. I guess I could stand to add more since it’s on the lower end of the dipstick. It defiantly has not puked it out of the dipstick hole so my worries of not getting all the oil out and it being overfilled at squashed. I guess I’m retarded and just let her run that dry. I sure hope I didn’t cause any serious valvetrain damage. That’s for the info man I went in to cocky thinking it would be cake as I used to have my xrl oil changes down to 30 min.
  6. Franksideeffects

    New to me xr650r oil change problems and questions

    I should add to that there were no metal shavings of any kind in the filter or on the drain plug.
  7. Franksideeffects

    New to me xr650r oil change problems and questions

    That’s the strange thing no smoke no strange noises runs fine. Temp on my radiator cap read 175 at time of draining(when the low amount of oil came out) after filling with 1.7 quarts I let the bike idle for 5 min until the rad cap read 200 degrees. Then after checking the oil was on the lower end of the dipstick. It seems strange to me that it used an entire quart of oil in 800 miles without blowing smoke. Or am I wrong? Planning on a valve adjustment this weekend when I have time... won’t be riding until then obviously.
  8. Hey guys bear with me through this. 2 months ago a picked up a new to me Honda 2000 XR650R from the second owner bike had 5200 miles when I purchased it from him and had just changed the oil. My first week of owning the bike i checked the oil and it read mid dipstick. He was a motorcycle guy as am I,and mechanicly inclined as am I. Bike came with detailed service records and tons of parts witch makes me think the previous owner knew his stuff. Anyways bikes been great no problems runs fine no noises no hard starting no problems. It’s dualsported and I’ve been using it for day length dualsport rides with some lengthy freeway and fast road sections. I put 800 miles on the bike and in that time never checked the oil level stupid I know.... so decided to do the oil today. i own a few dry sumps and understand the procedure. I have a Manuel and I used to own a 650l. Anyways let the bike idle for 5 min. Drain the oil and only 3/4 of a quart come out total. Crankcase and frame. Eeeek scared worried? Burned? Where did that oil go? Should I have warmed it up longer? Did it not all come out. Leaned the bike on its side.rocked back and forth let it drain for an hour. Still no more oil. So I do the filter refil with 1.7 quarts of hp4, I fire it up it runs great starts first kick let it idle for 5 min. Check with dip stick and it reads at the lower level now. It seems weird that after putting the recommend amount of oil back in it reads in the lower lever or am I wrong. I’m worried I didn’t get all the oil out and over filled it. Or I’m worried I let it run real low. The only difference before and after the pile change is slightly reduced valve noise... did I starve the head??? I know this is mostly my parinoia but I just wanted to see what y’all think.