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  1. BCrane84

    TDC and Timing

    Thank you!
  2. BCrane84

    TDC and Timing

    I completed a valve adjustment last night. As I was putting it all back together, ensuring I was at TDC and my cams were correctly positioned, I placed the cam chain tensioner on and it push my alignment out. I was in the correct position prior to placing the chain tensioner on. What am I missing? It was barely off. The TDC tick on the crank would just be off to the left of the top mark, or my cam shafts dot marks were just above or below the top of the head. I placed the exhaust camshaft on first and made sure the crank was at TDC and the chain was tight. Then I placed the intake camshaft on and aligned it correctly with the marks. At that point, all my marks are in the correct position but when I placed that tensioner on, it would shift just slightly and they would not all be positioned correctly. 2008 YZ450F
  3. BCrane84

    Leak Jet Question

    I got the quickshot 3 in the mail today, putting it on tonight. lets hope it fixes my bog issue!
  4. BCrane84

    Leak Jet Question

    Thanks for your input. I think that’s what I’ll do.
  5. BCrane84

    Leak Jet Question

    I recently purchased a 08 YZ450F and took the carb off to clean it. As I was taking out the jets, I came to the leak jet and saw this (see pictures). It’s seated in there fine but with the broken tooth?, it won’t go down anymore or come out. Will it be fine where it’s at? The hole is free and clear.