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  1. Yeah, that's true. I wasnt too impressed with the place I went to have it done anyway. They were supposed to dyno tune the GET. Was told they have the proper software (maya) to really fine tune it. Come to find out all they did was made a couple small adjustments on the phone app, installed a new plug with the wrong gap, and I still left with it popping alot on decel.
  2. I wouldn't mind doing a cam. I didn't know munn had one though. Only one I've found for the 500 so far was the dcr
  3. Already using a GET ignition and and fmf 4.1. The header is more of a aesthetic thing for me really, but I found the ti-6 pro system for the same price as a slip on so figured I'd at least look into it
  4. How much of a pain in the ass would it be to modify a 2016-2017 header off a 450sxf to fit on the 500. To my knowledge the only difference is it would have to stay straight just a tad longer before it bends down so that it will clear the kickstarter. I'd like to have something other than the fmf that everyone has. I found a steal on a full Ti Pro Circuit but if it's going to be a major hassle I don't want to bother with it
  5. Got a 19 500excf I converted to a sumo. I want to break 60hp and not sure what would be my best option for the next mod. Right now as far as performance goes it's been desmogged, reeds pulled, intake tube, no toil superflo kit, vented airbox cover, fmf 4.1 rct slip on, boyesen supercooler water pump, and the GET RX1 pro ecu. Made 55hp on the dyno a couple weeks ago. I'm having PR2 remap the ecu, but trying to figure out what would be the best for a decent gain without going into internals (other than a piston). Things I've considered.... Pr2 throttle body mod 450sxf throttle body w/ twin air TB kit JE High comp piston
  6. It's the same ecu, as long as the guys at Slavens have loaded the proper maps in it for your bike. I was running a 450exc one for a while before the 500 one got released with no issues. Who cares if the correct maps in it. And as far as opinion on the product. Its badass. User friendly app to easily fine tune a map, easy install, and makes alot more power. Do I think its worth 899? Not a chance, but being there isnt really an in between that's good between it and somethin like the dobeck, you gotta do what you gotta do. My bike feels like it's got a ton of power so no complaints on the butt dyno, but on paper I was a tad disappointed on numbers. Got mine desmogged, reeds pulled, fmf 4.1 rct slip on, boyesen supercooler waterpump, no toil superflo filter/cage kit and the Get ECU & pulled just a hair under 55HP. But overall, I had a JD tuner on it before the GET, and it definitely blows the JD out of the water.
  7. Time Left: 17 days and 9 hours

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    Brand New, still in the box. Alpinestars Tech 10 Size 11 Red/white with all black buckles/straps Asking $450. Located in NC. Can ship


    Mooresville, North Carolina - US

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    A Footpeg with a Proven Purpose. Better peg traction & much improved comfort while not changing the characteristic of how the peg feels. The Impact Moto Peg, Patent # US 6390488, accomplishes this by isolating the cleat from touching metal to metal, resulting in the rider experiencing less vibration and abuse transferred to the foot. With the Impact Moto Peg your foot will stay planted, while your feet, ankles and knees will feel better. This adds up to a better day on the bike. How does it perform? Proofed out in the notoriously choppy, teeth chattering, West Rim in Southern Utah, a trail that is initially so harsh with slick rock ripples many find an alternate route to the “good stuff.” This was the perfect proving ground for the Impact Moto Peg, as often riders feet vibrate or bounce off of the pegs from the continual chatter. With the Impact Moto Peg the harshness of the rocks was squelched, the riders feet stayed on the pegs, and brutality of the notorious chop tamed. Further the slick rock drops provided the perfect opportunity to test the how the Impact Moto Peg performed on massive impacts. Our test riders repeatedly launched big rocks to flat landings, noticing none of the sharp pain or sting shooting through their feet to their lower back as they would with any other peg. What is the Impact Moto Peg made out of? Both the cleat and the base are made out of 7075 T6 aluminum, providing the best structural integrity and wear resistance. The cleat is 77mm long by 58mm wide to provide additional support for your foot. 13 5mm Inserts are positioned for optimal traction and wear resistance. The base is shot peened and anodized, while the cleat is hard anodized for wear resistance. The cleat is isolated from touching metal to metal through our base elastomer on the bottom, and cup elastomers on top. 10.9 bolts secure the cleat to the base, making the Impact Moto Peg not only the best performing, but the strongest aluminum peg on the market. Features Absorbs vibration and abuse. The elastomer absorbs vibration allowing your feet to remain better planted on the pegs. High-frequency abuse like spikes, jolts, and bumps are also dramatically reduced through the cushion of the elastomer. Exceptional traction A combination of our tooth profile coupled with minimized vibration, and larger platform (77mm x 58mm,) literally grabs hold of the bottom of your boot. Hard Anodized 7075 T6 Aluminum Provides exceptional construction, strength and wear resistance. Orange, Red, or Blue to suit you. All Impact Moto Pegs have a black body with either orange, red or blue elastomers of your choice to suit your personal touch.
  9. Anyone know if the 2018 FE and FS450 have the same frame, or if they are very similar. I'm probably going to catch some hell for this, but reason I'm asking is I am trying to get a dual exhaust to work on my bike. I actually ride a 19 500excf supermoto but I know the 17-19 fe450/501 and 450/500 excfs share the same exhaust. I found a smoking deal on a DVR full dual exhaust but it came from a 2018 FS450. I've seen people modify the 450SXF dvr to fit the excf, but idk much about the FS and how different it may be. The EXC-F models still have the kickstart boss on the crank so I know that part would need to.be modified for clearance, but I didnt know if much more would have to be done. Trying to figure out if it will he more of a headache than its worth
  10. I'm in the market for an FE501. I'm looking to do a supermoto conversation on one. Although I can buy new, I'd rather not because I'll have around $13k tied up into. I'm finding used KTM 500exc-f's everywhere but I cannot find a year or two old FE for nothing. Are they just not very popular? I can't even find a leftover '18 at a dealership
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