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  1. That's a good point but as mentioned, this is a "season ending" bike, i just want to finish it out and i can redo it if needed. Also, iron seats? do you mean aluminum? The exhaust side would be hottest, and those are still SS, the intake side would be cooled from incoming air, and that's the Ti side.
  2. I'm just going to try to finish out the season with it and get a newer bike, i'm tired of these old bike problems, KRG Performance near Detroit said they will put in new copper seats for $80/valve, so i', just going to do the intake side and then get rid of the bike come winter. Big Bore would be nice, but $160 vs $600 to finish out a season.
  3. Performance shop says $360 for all 4 valve seats...Welp, this money hole just gets deeper and deeper....and deeper
  4. That does not seem right, if you get the seat cut, it removes material and moves the valve closer to the camshaft lobe, the closer to the lobe, the smaller the shim should be...right? Edit: nevermind, i think you're saying cut out the old seats and replace them, correct?
  5. I've requested info from a few shops asking if they cut seats, but no one has gotten back to me yet. Wont cutting them create even less clearance though?
  6. 2002 CRF450r - Earlier this year i took my bike into the shop for a pre-season checkup, mechanic said valves need to be replaced as i have low clearance (around .003), i ordered a ProX SS intake kit and put new OEM exhaust component in. I did not have the valve seats cut, but reassembled everything to within spec (using the smallest shims i have - 1.20mm), was within spec, reassembled everything. Bike started first kick cold, ran great, i was happy until i was about 8 miles into a trail, then the bike started not wanting to run, limped my way back and the bike would not start at all.....got it home, tried starting it again, it backfired, now it wont hold compression, took off the valve cover and i have 0 clearance on the intake valve bucket. Took the head off and i don't see anything obvious wrong, piston still looks fine, valves and springs look fine, what the heck is going on??
  7. On motosport they have different part numbers, i can't guarantee they're different, but i would not risk it, just return it and re-order
  8. Keep it OEM if you're going to do a rebuild. It'll retain the most value, and be the most reliable.
  9. Update: I again took out the push rod (lifter rod) whatever it's called, clean it, used a flashlight to peer through the case to the lever, everything seemed to be okay, re-assembled everything and i had some luck. The lever will now push the pressure plate about 1mm off the clutch packs, should be enough, however this... "engagement zone" that actually moved the pressure plate is at the very very top of the cable arm's movement. I've tried to max the adjustments out on the clutch cable, compared the clutch cable routeing to OEM, but there's still too much slack...so i'll be ordering a new cable for it (Rather my brother will since it's his bike after all..) anyway, still not sure how any of this happened from just sitting, but i'm getting closer!
  10. I will try to soak the plates when i get home I do not have that spring, is that OEM to 01 CR250s? Either way, even with the lever fully in the up position, the lifter rod will not reach the clutch plate
  11. The pushrod is not stuck, i am able to remove it just fine
  12. I have, there is not a spring anywhere in the clutch assembly except for 6 on the pressure plate. The problem is that the lifter rod (#13 on diagram) is now acting like it's too short
  13. Here is a video of what i found today. I have no idea how there is so much play now between the rod and the pressure plate...any guesses how that happened from sitting?
  14. My brother bought a cr250, i test rode it when he bought it and everything worked fine...then he let it sit for about a year, yesterday i got it out to change fluids to prepare for an upcoming trip and i noticed the clutch oil smelled like straight up gas, was very very watery, change the fluid and i have no clutch at all. Removed the flywheel cover, and the clutch lever there also has absolutely no tension. I will be taking off the clutch cover this weekend to inspect the springs, but curious how this could happen after sitting? Absolutely nothing has changed on this bike since we brought it home By "clutch lever", i mean #6 on this diagram
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