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  1. All those turns definitely sneak up on you
  2. Brushy Mountain OHV Details/Timeline TBD
  3. Brown Mountain Meet at parking lot / trailhead @0900 Ride until 3pm
  4. I'll post up whatever video I take and GPS tracks as well. I know it's a pretty good haul from your neck of the woods. I am definitely trying to get out to as many places as I can and ride it all.
  5. That's about where I'm at, all joking aside I'm about as rookie as it gets. I cut my teeth on the spaghetti trails up at @Edgecombe's place a few weekends ago, definitely an eye opener. I have no issues breaking off from the group so the guys looking for some challenge from the harder trails can get what they came for while I work on my own skills. No issues with Saturday.
  6. Figured I'd throw this one out there to the group. I'm headed up to Brown on Sunday, open invite to anyone in the group. I haven't been there before but I have a few GPS tracks from a buddy who rides dual sport and took his DR-Z400S up there earlier in the spring, no idea on the difficulty level other than "I would/would not take my 300lbs DRZ down that trail again." If anyone has any experience up there and can recommend trails that are good, bad, or otherwise I'm open for suggestions. I plan on being there around 9-9:30am and ride until probably 2-3pm.
  7. I'm in for sure that weekend, weather should be a bit cooler as well, might even see the low side of 80.
  8. I'll be out of town that weekend for a family trip but if it gets pushed to 5/6 or 12/13 OCT I'm in.
  9. If I make it back from the football game on Saturday I'll let you know. Pretty sure the wife is gonna want to tie one on after the 'Bama game, we'll see.
  10. The garage got a fresh coat of paint this spring before the heat set in, before I painted I went through with a shop vac and got the creepy crawlies out. Way smaller than your shop though.
  11. Understatement of the year right there. Put my name on the call list, I'll rally up there as often as I can when ya'll are riding.
  12. Rode yesterday at @Edgecombe's place, pretty sure I almost broke the speed record. I'm also pretty sure in the 6+ miles of trails, there isn't but maybe 300 meters of straightaway. I swear if I had brought my drone out and taken an aerial photo it would look like this...
  13. @rcarnwath nice FX, before hopped on a buddies 2-stroke and had a flash of nostalgia, I was sure I was going to pick up an FX.... But I came across this angry pumpkin at a steal of a price. 2018 250 XC-W TPI. EE skidplate and rad braces, FMF TC2, and my barkbusters should be here tomorrow. Just hit 3.1 hours on the engine after sucking my way through @Edgecombe's place!
  14. Yessir, I would like to tag along. I'll have to wait to confirm until we see what happens when the skies open up. I've got a number of elderly neighbors that can't work a chainsaw anymore, so if the trees stay put I should be able to make it.
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