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  1. Right!!! Thankfully I can say not me. This was my first time taking the clutch cover off. They also just used silicone gasket maker instead of a real gasket on the cover.
  2. Got a new spark plug but it did not fix the problem. Neither did putting on the original carb. I was stumped and exasperated and then it hit me that something might be wrong with the ignition pulse sender on the crankshaft. Took the clutch cover off, and the metal collar on the crankshaft with the probe on the end that triggers the sensor on the inside of the clutch cover was loose. The large nut holding it on the crankshaft had almost fallen off. So when the bike was on the side stand the collar would fall by gravity and engage on the crankshaft and work fine at low rpms. When revved or taken off the side stand the collar would disengage and the timing would go crazy. At least that is my hypothesis. I just ordered a new clutch cover gasket and will put it all back together and give a final report when it arrives.
  3. And black smoke out the tail pipe on revving when the pops and spits occur.
  4. No air filter yet. I have to make a custom adapter for the mikuni. I agree about the jetting, but it seems to be running rich if anything, the opposite of what you would expect for not have an air filter. I'll try to squeeze on a small uni, which is what I plan to use. Regarding the boat shoes, they have a pretty stiff bottom. The autodecomp was set carefully so there is no "valve feel" on the lever when running but activates when kicked. There is also judicious use of the manual decomp at the handlebar. If you hold it in for a split second at the beginning of a kick it ensures good decomp. When all is working well it is not that bad to kick, even with the 10.5:1 piston. Yes, there is the bad stumble on opening the throttle, plus pops and spits and blowback through the carb when revved. It should be in the video somewhere. I really want to get this thing running well again so I appreciate all the help! It was a blast to ride before I took it apart, it just looked like crap. I'll get a new spark plug tomorrow and give an update.
  5. Yes I have the old original carb but it does the same thing. I'll put it on again to triple check. And I'll check the float levels. But it is a brand new genuine mikuni vm38. Just received it two days ago and put correct jets in it. Mikuni jets from jetsrus.
  6. Thanks. I did set the valve clearances before I put the motor back in. The valves are all moving freely as they should.
  7. I need some help with a 1982 XL500R. I took it down to the frame to repaint it and helicoil some threads (intake manifold, valve cover/head bolts, etc). I put it back together and it looks great! Unfortunately, it doesn't run great, and I can't figure out what the problem is. I've uploaded some video onto youtube (link below) so you guys can see and hear it for yourselves instead of me trying to give some lame explanation of what is going on. I have a new mikuni vm38 on it, jetted appropriately for this bike according to forum contributors. I get the same bad behavior if I use the old stock carb. Intake manifold itself is brand new so I don't think it's an air leak. Gas is fresh. Spark is good. The fuel flow is good. The exhaust is clear. I had a new piston and rings put in by a local shop a couple of years ago, but it ran fine after that until now. The cam chain hasn't been off since then. I did a compression test and I get about 160 psi (closed throttle). When I had the new piston put in I also had new valves/valve seals/etc installed. This was all only a couple thousand miles or less ago. I checked the ignition timing and it is advancing with rpms. I have to add another piece to the puzzle. It will idle fine all day on the side stand. A few seconds after I put the bike upright it goes dead. This is highly repeatable. It will idle fine again afterwards on the side stand. Here's the video: https://youtu.be/Fc9vtlmJUbs Any help is greatly appreciated!
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