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  1. Thank you for that! Answered all the questions I ever had on the subject. Luckily, there's a gas station right down the street that sells non-ethanol gas. I run it in all of our bikes. I think I'll keep doing that..
  2. Three spoons, a bead buddy, and windex (for lube). Watch a few YouTube videos. The first few times will NOT be easy until you get it figured out. But, you'll get it. It's cool that you made a stand. I just use a five gallon bucket, sprocket side down.
  3. Nope! Put him on a KX100 and let the good times roll!!!
  4. Hey! Me too!! But, mine are from skiing last March. I wad myself up pretty good doing all sports, (dirtbikes, skiing, hockey, etc...)
  5. Me too! Perfect fit and very comfortable...right out of the box. And, no booties. Actually, I'm still running a pair of SG 10's. But, the 12's will be next, no question. I hope your foot get's better soon!!
  6. Very well said! Thank you.
  7. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me, here. I have a 98 cr125r, (it's actually a 144), that I just finished doing a top end on. It fires right up and runs strong, if I'm holding onto the throttle. But, if I let go, it dies. I cleaned the carb and the jets when I had it apart. And, the pilot jet was clogged, like I thought might be the problem. But, it still won't idle. The service manual says 2 turns out on the air screw. I tried that. But, I live at 5500 feet, so I've been trying different positions, too. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I just get the JD kit? It used to idle. Now it doesn't. Weird. Thanks!!!
  8. Me too. I switched back to Bel Ray. No more problems. Now, I have some red No Toil filter oil and some cleaner to go with it, if anybody wants it... free
  9. I use Windex for lube. Works really well and then it evaporates. Nice and clean! Also, make sure the bead, opposite of where you're working, stays in the "drop-center" of the rim. There is a steel wire in the bead. It does not stretch. This will give maximum slack to work the bead around the rim. Check out a few more you tube vids. If you're struggling, then you're doing something wrong. You'll get it!
  10. Hello all! First off, I understand that ensuring that all fasteners are torqued to spec is on me. Anyway, the last time out, my rear axle nut and adjusting block came off and the axle started working it's way out of the swingarm. I heard some chain slap going on, as it had worked itself very loose. Then, I completely lost the clutch. Luckily, I made it back to the truck to see what way going on. I was shocked to see the condition of the axle and chain, but relieved that the wheel didn't come off. There's some trans oil leaking. I've never split a case before. Can anybody direct me where to start, here? Thanks!!!!!!!
  11. Oh good! I got a little nervous, there. I found great deals on both bikes, in my area. Both are being offered for MSRP...out the door. My heart says go with the Honda, too
  12. In your opinion, what is the best oil to run in a 2006 crf250r? The guys at the shop say that if it's going to be ridden a lot, like now during the summer months, Honda's conventional GN4 is good. But, for long term, say over the winter, a synthetic would be better. I'm not rich, but I can afford whatever is best for my bike. Also, this is my first four stroke. I took it in to get the motor checked out when I bought it, and they adjusted the valves and said that there is room to shim another time. And, a leak down test showed minimal leakage. So, I think the motor is good. It's going to get expensive if I take it in every time I need to check the valves. So, I've been looking for tips on checking/adjusting valves, as well. Does anybody have any? Thank you for your help!!!
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