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  1. Yamaha4Life

    Honest Answers Riding Poll

    Looks like you shouldn't have brought this old thread back?
  2. Yamaha4Life

    one finger on levers?

    I use index and middle on the clutch and my middle finger on the brake, i would say whatever works for you is the best..
  3. Yamaha4Life

    Traffic Jam???

  4. Yamaha4Life

    chrome z50 pics

    its pretty sick... i think original looks cooler (stupid opinion)
  5. Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny As Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. bubbles has to take it easy if he wants to play with the big boys
  7. Yamaha4Life

    Best USED HS/offroad bike?

  8. Yamaha4Life

    sound/video clip of ttr125 w/bbr pipe

    where did you get the lights/blinkers/license mount.... THAT IS A SICK BIKE!!!
  9. Yamaha4Life

    Cops Found My Son's Crf50!!!!!!!!

    you got free mods? i hate you. lucky lucky
  10. Mad Props On The Whips!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yamaha4Life

    sound/video clip of ttr125 w/bbr pipe

    wow street leagel ttr125.. thats sick... sick... verry verry... you guessed it... sick
  12. Yamaha4Life

    Say hello to Utah's newest 4-stroke fan

    congrats!!! and 'hello'
  13. Yamaha4Life

    TTR 225 problem?

    theres oil in there umm yea
  14. Yamaha4Life

    what is quicker quad vs motorcycle?

  15. Yamaha4Life

    Motocross Files on Speed Channel

    Finally!!!!! Something Besisdes Nascar!!!!!