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  1. MotoX780

    YZ85 or KTM105

    I can't say for a YZ reliability, but I am 155lbs and I ride the wheels off my 105 and it runs like a champ. I haven't had any issues with mine at all. I had the suspension revalved for my weight and it has been a great bike. I know it has some power. I keep up with the big bikes on my local track. Just have to keep it humming.
  2. The problem I see with the modern 4 strokes is just plain power. The factories are getting 60-65HP out of their 450's and 40-45HP out of the 250's. These are numbers for 250 and 500 2 stokes of years ago, but the power is much more manageable. Thing is some 16 year olds and some younger have a large gap to go from an 85 to a modded 250f. There is a large HP jump. I think the arenacross thing is a good idea, but it isn't going to help the smokers at all. It's going to help the teams cut costs by allowing them to only have to worry about 1 engine size. Bottom line is 4 strokes are here to stay. Manufacturers are making more off of parts then ever before, and so are aftermarket companies. So they aren't going to just jump back on 2 strokes. I love both and have both, but my 4 stroke is easier to ride and thats all there is to it.
  3. MotoX780

    Electricross Drift

    As I continue to watch this thread I think of new ideas. I think these bikes are very interesting and have a great deal of potential. I think for the race oriented somone could build an indoor track(thus keeping the electrics out of the elements) and make a fun clean quiet environment for riders, and spectators alike. I know there isn't going to be a 75' tripples or anything huge, but I believe something like this could be great for all involved. The buildings could be heated due to not having to vent the exhaust fumes. That in itself would be a huge spectator advantage. The announcer would be heard, people could hold decent conversations while the races are going on and such. Plus I think these bikes would be all so close in performance it would be all rider! That would make for some great racing. Another advantage is no noise. Hard for neighbors to complain about a noise issue that doesn't exist. Heck I might try and find a building and start something like this, possibly buy 3 or 4 and rent them out until people get interested! Just dreaming but something like that would be very cool.
  4. MotoX780

    5'4" and 250F

    Yes you add shortening spacers inside the forks and shocks.
  5. MotoX780

    5'4" and 250F

    The spacers limit where the shock and forks can move up to they go inside the fork and shock bodies. So yes there are spacers that stop the fork and shock from reaching there maximum ride height.
  6. MotoX780

    Pit bike running with 250f's

    That was awsome! It does show you that its more rider than bike. It does help its a tight indoor track but who cares! I remember seeing two brothers on KTM 65's at red buds spring fling back in 2000 doing the uphill double double after the Bonzai tripple! There were 250b riders not doing it! I also saw a kid in 02 I believe down at LTM in Casey Il absolutely flying on a KX85! His lap times were faster than the winner in 125b! 95% rider 5% bike is just about right!
  7. MotoX780

    KTM Suspension Shop Suggestion

    For KTM's I suggest MX-Tech. Jeremy Wilkey is the founder of the company and has franchised it to some other builders. Jeremy has worked with WP in Austria and really is a genious when it comes to suspension. He has done work for me in the past on my Honda's and he is getting my 105sx's suspension in the near future.
  8. MotoX780

    5'4" and 250F

    I used to ride an 02 CRF450r and I am 5'4". Even with suspension done it was still tall and if I fell over on the track it took me awhile to actually JUMP up on it to start it. I gave up bikes a couple years ago and started riding quads. No falling over to start. Then this xmas my wife went out and bought me a KTM 105sx. I love this bike! I haven't had as much fun on bikes in years. It's no powerhouse compared to my 450 or my quad for that matter but it still rips. Plus it weight 158lbs with gas! I can touch with both feet, has decent suspension(which I will have sprung and valved for my weight), and comes with quality components. It seems to run just about as good as my old 98 and 00 CR125s! It might be someting to think about. I know other guys have had good luck riding them in the woods with a stealthy flywheel weight.
  9. MotoX780

    Looking for a CR 125 - best years?

    The hot ticket back in 2000 was to get a cylinder from a 95 or 96 and put it on there! But once the word got out about that a ton of people bought up all the 95 cylinders(they were the best) and then the 96's were in short supply. I don't know if that is still the case or not. I had a 98 and it sucked and an 00 with some mods and I loved the bike. Motor wise it was not the longest powerband, my brothers yz had a larger powerband. But my CR handled like a dream. I could still get holeshots on it and it was still competative. I have not ridden a CR since then. So I cannot vouch for the power on the new models.
  10. MotoX780

    CRF150R problems

    Looks to me that it was over revved as well. But would have had to happen coming off a jump and downshifting, or downshifting too many gears on a straight. The rev limiter will keep a bike from overrevving when the gas is on, but not from decelartion. I saw a couple 450s that dropped valves like this a few years back. Just my 2 cents.
  11. MotoX780

    mx vs. atv

    For all of you who bash quads don't knock it till you try it. I raced bikes for years and had a fully built 02crf. I love bikes and they are fun, but for some quads have advantages. I now have a 05 Honda TRX450 set up for MX. I love it better than my bike. I am really short 5'3" tall and on my bike when the track was slick or muddy I had one heck of a time, on my quad no problem. Same for starting, I don't have to worry about having to jump to start my quad like I did on my bike. Quads do make more dust, and as for good burms or ruts the majority of the tracks I ride at are hardpack and don't rut up well so that is not an issue. It bothers me that all of you that "hate" quads have never ridden one, or sat down and thought that quad riders are out to have fun just like you, and isn't having fun what ridding is all about? Just my .02 cents.
  12. MotoX780

    Alien Invasion?

    If i remember correctly that is the corn smut fungus.
  13. its odd you are having problems. I have a buddy that just got one and I can lite it up with half a kick! It is the easiest starting bike I have ever ridden!
  14. MotoX780

    Anyone use an AC racing subframe

    i intend on getting it welded, but i want an extra one just in case, and i already have a brand new set of 756's sitting in the garage waiting for me to put them on!!
  15. MotoX780

    Anyone use an AC racing subframe

    i dont think the 05 will fit my 02 or i would buy it in a minute