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  1. Eric Miles

    1996 dr 350 es


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    I found this bike in a apartment complex it was chained up under the stairs the gentleman who lived there said his son bought it new but it’s been broke a long time it wAs chained up but lots of parts were missing he said people been stealing stuff for a while the bike has 2993 miles reg ran out2001.no spark starter bad you can guess the no fire which led to starter I replaced stuff just to get it running flawlessly it still needs headlight side overs a pipe front turn signals speedometer is cracked up proper left foot peg taillight lens clutch lever tires it still has originals on it it starts and shifts an clutch are like a brand new bike I will take 1500 for it and for 1800 I’ll throw in a running ct mini trail 70


    Fairfield Bay, Arkansas - US