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  1. Agreed. I also just liked the silver better, at least on this bike.
  2. No - but I’d be happy to. How do I join?
  3. I forgot to add...the airs come in a variety of colors if you check the site - mine are the “clear” color but you can get red, blue, orange, black...
  4. Hello all I picked up a set of Fastway foot pegs for my 250F - specifically the aluminum Evo Air model. Below are a few quick notes and impressions on the install and first ride with them: - While they are aluminum, anecdotally the weight seemed about the same as the stock steel counterparts, but I didn’t get out the kitchen scale to measure. As you'll see in the photo below, they are definitely larger than stock. - The pegs come with an Adaptor that is bike specific. You can mount it in the standard, or the low boy position. I opted for the low position - it's actually why I bought these pegs, as I wanted a little more room in the cockpit. I was surprised the supplied collar/adaptors were not a slide in fit so you can easily switch the mount height. It's actually a press fit. I used my bench vise to do this. There is a small cylindrical tool that comes with the kit, and it looks like what you would use to press the adaptor out to change the mount. - There is a bolt in the back side of each peg and a supplies set of shims that allow you to adjust the camber up a little bit, which is supposed to help keep our knees closer to the bike. I only used one shim, as I wanted my pegs mostly flat. You have to use the bolt even if you opt for zero ships, as it rests against the peg mounts - without it, the pegs camber downwards. - The pegs come with a full set of 10mm and 12mm cleats to screw in to the peg deck. You can mix and match as you like, and their instructions offer some suggestions. I used a row of 12mm in the back row of the peg, and 10mm for the rest. This should help keep my boots slanted downwards just a hair which should help in getting under the shifter a little easier. - The kit came with a tube of red thread locker. I doesn't specify the strength (at least not anywhere I could find) so I opted to used my own blue locktite on the camber bolts and the cleats. A small allen is included for the cleats. - The cotter pins included with the kit are a hair too big to fit in the stock peg pins (which you use.) I used some slightly smaller ones I had on hand I took a ride for an hour or so, just putting around a gravel area with my daughter. Doing some hill climbs, moderate speeds, lots of shifting and breaking tests. I really like the size of the pegs. They offer a lot more room and are a much easier (albeit more expensive) alternative then welding on peg expansion sets. The platform locks your boots in well, but with mostly the 10mm cleats, it was fairly easy to move around if I wanted/needed to. All in all, I'd definitely recommend these. There are steel versions that are a little cheaper, and probably slightly heavier, but I am assuming all of the install procedures would be the same.
  5. Still happening as of this evening. I’ve had items on my timeline all day...just checked again. It’s now blank with “no topics”
  6. Using the mobile app I see really odd behavior with the Timeline and Unread discussions I can see discussions in both for a while, then they all of a sudden disappear - generally both at the same time and they both say “no topic” Happens even when I don’t open the items to read them. Seems to consistently happen in the evening. Clearing the cache doesn’t seem to resolve it but at some point they populate again I should add that Participated and Subscribed don’t exhibit this behavior Thoughts? Thanks!
  7. I don't think the front end will be that big of a deal. (although I'm not sure if getting all the air out is a big deal - RAMZ put in bleeders on his.) I"m more concerned about the rear shock If you guys need torque specs, shoot me a note - I have the manual
  8. I have to believe there will be additional kits at some point that won't require translation. It's interesting they want you to send the spark plug....
  9. Would definitely need the EJK tuner (or an equivalent) as I don't think the stock FI/ECU would compensate. I guess it's a good thing I ordered one
  10. I just picked up one of the smaller pelican personal gear cases (R20) for my keys, phone, etc. While it does add a little bulk and extra weight, I can keep it clipped inside my pack so as to not leave it anywhere - and it keeps everything protected from bumps and water.
  11. You have me curious about your suspension mods.... I"m 215-220 depending on the day...I am still considering similar options to what @ramz did. Same with the pegs...I've been considering ideas, 10 1/2-11 feet here myself. Considering the Fastway pegs mounted lower - or fab'ing a bracket similar to what folks did with the 230 to move them lower. I'd also like to understand the EFI better - I received an email from EJK that their controller is now available through the website - funny, they list it as 2018-2020 models..I may let them know there was no 2018. At any rate, it sounds like some of the parts are back ordered, so not readily available yet to folks who might be interested. I have the Q4 from FMF but I'm yet to install it. They were a little vague in their understanding, and I'm not sure how much the pipe might lean it out and if the FI will compensate enough on it's own. Where in OR are ya? Maple Valley, WA here but down in the Portland area a fair amount
  12. Hello all Looking for opinions here. This won't be the usual "what bike should I buy" thread, so bear with me A little background: I'm 45, a little out of shape at 215, and live in the Seattle area. I rode some dirt back when I was in my late teens, but not a lot. I've ridden on the street for the last 25 years or so. I picked up an XR50 for my 5 year old daughter, and she's riding it with the training wheels. I decided to get myself a bike to putt around with her, so I picked up a 2019 Honda CRF250F. It's a great little bike, and I have about 6 hours on it so far. The e start and FI is nice, but it's heavy, a little small in the cockpit, and the suspension leaves a lot to be desired, but I can definitely make it work out on the trails. I ride tome rails with friends, but a lot of my riding is myself or with my daughter at this point. All that said, I've been really interested in trials bikes for some time. I'm beginning to think that a trials bike would be a great bike to ride around with my daughter, and it would also really get me to focus on my skills - and I think I'd like to compete locally at some point. Taking all that in to account, I have a few options: 1. Keep the CRF250F and look for a trials bike for between 2-3k. I think that I might be able to find something to start out on - would probably be looking for a 2 Stroke 250 and at that price point I suppose I would be looking at an early 00's 2. Sell/trade the CRF and look for something newer - given the low hours, and the new bars and exhaust I have for it, I would imagine I could get close to what I paid for it. It would allow me to pick up a much newer bike. I'm honestly on the fence here - for the TRAIL riding I do, I think I could make the trials bike work - but there's the idea in the back of my mind that my friends may want to do longer jaunts than the amount of fuel I could carry. But I could probably come up with a solution. I do like the idea of looking for smaller areas to practice trials, and I'd be a little less worried about riding by myself. I'm not looking to scale 6' walls. At least not out of the gate. Just looking for thoughts here. Thanks in advance for your opinions Michael
  13. Curious about this myself. I had asked FMF about it, and they basically said to take the battery out over night...I think it was a generic answer - I don't think many folks know how the FI works in terms of auto adjustment @ramz - I know you did a pretty in depth analysis of the FI. Every article I've read claims that it will adjust automatically for altitude - if this is true, I would assume it would adjust for a more free flowing pipe (lean condition) as well - correct?
  14. That's odd...considering you are supposed to be able to use their mufflers with either the stock pipe or their header...I have the Q4 but I haven't mounted it yet - planning on mounting it to the stock header... now I'm wondering how big the gap to the header will be if the muffler has a much larger connecting piece
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