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  1. flintlock28

    Fuel tank decal discoloration?

    LOL, especially since I'm 51 years old.
  2. flintlock28

    Fuel tank decal discoloration?

    It's a 2004 YZ 450F, so 12 years I guess isn't bad. the other white areas (Non-tank) are perfectly white... I'm assuming the gas vapors permeate thru the tank, and cause the yellowing effect. One question...can you order just the tank decals? When i look at part sheets, it looks like only the whole decal set can be ordered, not individual decals. i'm not laying out $ 150 or more... I'll live with it. One option is maybe use a white oil based Artists colors paint, let dry, than a clear coat?
  3. flintlock28

    Fuel tank decal discoloration?

    I was hoping you wouldn't say that...they're too Da$N expensive...
  4. This might have been beat to death; i don't know....but here goes. Is there a way to remove the brownish color on fuel tank decals that were white? I'm assuming the gas has out gassed through the plastic fuel tank, and has turned the white decals yellowish/brown. Any way to get them white again? or buy new decals? thanks
  5. flintlock28


    I used to live in West Chester, before 1999... Years ago there were areas to ride, but unfortunately you're probably going to have to find a friend with Private land to ride. There has been too much sprawl, and too many people are afraid of lawsuits, that they won't let you ride their property. Our old neighbor had 26 plus acres that he let my family ride on, that was mainly woods, with a couple fields. There might still be some areas to ride towards Downingtown, but I couldn't say for sure. Every year the area gets more built up with yuppies moving out from Philadelphia, and other Urban areas, and they want their own little slice of Paradise, and will call the Police on any riding they see along High tension wires, etc. The whole East Coast is simply getting too built up to ride without getting fined, or chased out.....I have a 2004 Yz 450F that hasn't been ridden in about two years, since the local MX park closed, and I'm tired of trailering two hours to go further North to the Coal areas. I wish good luck to you to find areas to ride locally.....you're going to need it.
  6. I wholly agree with what you posted.... It is that disconnect from all of one's worry's, problems, and all of the everyday bull$shit, that we all deal with. The focus on riding, and being "one" with the bike, makes the World just fade away for minutes, or hours. Unfortunately for me, I may be selling my bike. All of my local riding area's are drying up, and the local MX track went Tits-up. I now have to drive about two hours (one way), to ride, and I'm getting too old to want to deal with it. One of my Boss's is an old MX guy, and He's been dropping hints to sell him my bike. I haven't ridden in about a year and a half, and I can't tell you how embarrassing it is to be a guy in his late 40's who has been fined three times for illegal riding. The Cops have even been sympathetic with me and fellow riders, because they know that we are just old dudes who create no problems, and just want to ride. it's the idiots who leave behind trash, start brush fires, and generally make a pan in the ass of themselves, thus riding gets barred. It sucks, but here on the East Coast, riding areas are drying up.
  7. flintlock28

    stock needle not adjustable?

    A fellow rider warned me that the standard Red Sta-bil, did not work as well with Ethanol.......and that I must use the Marine formula to prevent issues. That was about three years ago, and from what I hear the red formula has been improved, to work with Ethanol. You'll have to do some research to find out if that is true or not, i'm not sure if it's hear-say.
  8. flintlock28

    stock needle not adjustable?

    Make sure you use either Seafoam or Marine formula Sta-Bil in the gas. Even after cleaning the carb, it still takes awhile to get ALL of the gook outa the carb', so that it will idle properly. I use Sta-Bil on a continuous basis..........Ethanol sucks.
  9. flintlock28

    What 2013 450 is best?

    I'd still lean toward Yamaha....back several years ago, Honda's were known for going thru valve issues......you didn't see that happening with yamaha.
  10. flintlock28

    Whats with this dead forum?

    Part of the reason could simply be there's no place to ride anymore......... I'm 48 years old, when i was a kid, there were a ton more areas to ride, plus people generally would let you ride their properties, if you took the time to meet them. Here on the East Coast where everything has gotten so built up, the few areas that have the acreage to ride are either State property, or privately owned. Due to our sue-happy Society, landowners are terrified to let anyone ride, less they end up with a lawsuit.....it simply is too much of a risk for them. In essence, maybe less boys and girls are being introduced into the Sport.....thus there's less Parents buying 50cc and 70cc bikes....thus not as much interest in Forums.
  11. flintlock28

    What 2013 450 is best?

    I like the durability/reliability of the Yamaha y4 450f....I have a 2004, and Yamaha pretty much set the standard for the valvetrain being reliable, durable. The only negative thing about the Yamaha, is that they tend to not turn as well as the other bikes (i.e. they tend to stand up in the corners, more than the other Japanese bikes) other than that, I think the build quality is better than the other three.....suppossedly for a stock bike, yamaha is suppossed to have the best forks out there. I hear nothing out- turns a Suzuki (in stock trim), but they tend to not be as durable as the other big three bikes. A guy I know is a Machinist, as well as works on MX bikes....He said for durability, stay with Yamaha.
  12. Anybody comment on how these bikes were for casual trail riding? Were they decent bikes, or piles of junk? Any comments appreciated. p.s. did they have electric start? thanx
  13. flintlock28

    Should I buy it?

    Today, with the lousy Ethanol based fuels....first thing I look at is gummed up Carb. Than go from there.
  14. flintlock28

    1978 DT 400?

    Thanks for the help...I told Bob that He would be better off getting a TTR-225 that was much newer, looked immaculate that a guy has on Craig's list for $ 1200, and has low hours on it. He doesn't want to go over about $ 800, thus He's considering the DT-400. My brother in law is the consumate Craig's list guy who has to get everything for a nickel, and generaly does pretty good. I think based on the age of the 400, and the possible unavailibility of getting parts...He's still much better off with the TTR or something equivalent. I will pass on the info to him. thanx
  15. flintlock28

    1978 DT 400?

    thanx for the info, My brother in law is looking at one for about $ 700 that the current owner says it runs great, but He's too intimidated by it as a beginner...I'm unfamiliar with this model and just needed to get some feedback about it.