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  1. yeah those valves are extremely tight no feeler is fitting in there. I can see the rocker clamps pushing down not the shim.
  2. yes you are correct my exhaust valves are extremely tight. Is there anyway to undo this or is the head shot? Also you are right shift side are the black bolts and silver brake side. The heads are identical because I have the same xc4 engine its from a used 2008 ktm 450 exc-r which is the same bike as mine. Would I be able to unbolt the head the tight valves and put my other head in? Thats what I'm trying to figure out would it be more of a bolt on or would I need special tools or should I try to recover the head thats already on my bike? sorry for the amount of questions. I would love to go to a mechanic but I'm a broke college student haha. That's why I kind of want to learn how to do everything myself and plus I find it fun. I'm not really in a rush school just started so its a good mind exercise.
  3. Yeah I just went over everything 8x. This is my first time doing the valves on this bike. I recently purchased it a month ago. 2 weeks ago it stopped kicking over. I believe I found the issue. When I took the intake rocker shaft bolts out I noticed something weird. There was 4 bolts exhaust side is supposed to have 2 black long ones and the other side is supposed to have silver ones which are a bit shorter. My reason for knowing this is because I have a spare engine for my bike that I tinker with just so I can get some practice. Anyway one bolt not he exhaust side was a cheap 1 inch home depot bolt. Odd thing is that as soon as I took the head off it popped right out. So my buddy and I did some more investigating and kept trying to pry the exhaust rocker shaft out and still no luck but what we believe what happened is that the bolt seized the exhaust valve side. Which makes sense because the shaft on the intake comes out like butter and with my other engine both of the shafts come out pretty easily. Do you think I'd be able to take my head off of my other engine and put it on my engine thats one the bike? Any advice? sorry I'm still a noobie
  4. Ok so my 08 450 has shims. No biggie I got those. I found out how to take the rocker arm shaft out. One came out. The exhaust shaft won't come out and I've tried everything. I'm in TDC. Any pointers?
  5. My plan is to get the engine turning over first then. Put all the wiring back OEM. The previous owner installed a trail tech headlight with a new regulator and stator. I
  6. Oh yes of course I bought this bike when she was running but the owner was honest and said she’s going to need a little bit of work. I am up for the challenge and I want to be come a better mechanic. Yes I have the service manual and owners manual. What’s the point of the total leak down tester ? Sorry noobie here
  7. Hey guys I'm posting on here as I tried to post on ktm talk but all the members seem to like having their own side conversation instead of helping me out lol. Anyway I bought a ktm 450 exc-r with one issue 1 the headlight didn't work she also has a trail tech reg/rec mod on here anyway. So I bought a used harness and slapped it on her on Sunday she ran then Monday morning she wouldn't kick over and now she still won't kick over. I recently took out the spark plug it was kind of gummed up cleaned it. Still nothing she has spark. She sounds like she want to kick over. After the spark plug I put the wiring harnesses it came with back on. Still nothing. I have spark. I believe I do have compression as I use the kick starter and it sounds like it wants to start. Could it be my shims? What process do you guys recommend I do just to try and figure out the problem. Thanks
  8. She has spark and compression. Any ideas as to what else it could be? I'm sorry im stumped. lol
  9. You are sure right. I did do tons of research prior to buying her but the deal was to good to pass up imho. I got her for 2k fully knowing that. I would need to fix her up that’s part of the reason I bought her . I want to become a better mechanic
  10. now there's something else wrong with my bike. Last night I drove it to my girlfriends house about a 15 minute drive. She was running fun but she shut off a couple times. No Biggie I kicked her over and made it. Now this morning has been hell. I woke up at 9am and I've been trying to get her started since. I don't understand could I have maybe plugged something in backwards ? It was running last night. My shim kit just came in should I give her a valve adjustment? I'm trying my hardest to avoid going to the dealer because I don't have a truck and nearest dealer from me is an hour. Also I on Saturday I got a used wiring harness and put it on. Should I go back to the old one?
  11. Oh yeah NJ sucks big time I’m not to far for Moorestown. Their are no trails out here all trails are illegal. So it’s always sketchy when you go out on a trail ride. My system does have the DC MoD. It’s Just idk if this guy installed it correctly. I just want my headlight to work haha I’ve been using a flash light when driving around town. At night. Also what areas should check with a meter my friend is a mechanic I’ll ask him
  12. I do not have any of that. I can buy one tho but I wouldn’t know what to do. what’s can I do to get my head light working ?
  13. Hey guys here's what's going on with my bike. When I first got it it wasn't turning over with Estart however with kick start it was fine. Cool no biggie. I bought a battery and replaced it. Hey it started with estart. The headlight wouldn't turn on though. The bike came with a Baja Designs aftermarket headlight however the owner included the OEM one. So I switched the headlights and fired her up. Womp it turned on then when I reved the engine boom headlight went really bright then stopped working. Then when that stopped working I turned my bike it. E start wouldn't start again. I thought maybe I could replace the wiring harnesses and it would be fine. I got a used harness it was it kinda ratty shape. Hooked it up Still nothing. The previous owner has a Baja Designs DC converter I think it's suppose to put out higher watts for the after market headlight anyway. I'm stumped here I really don't know what to do. Should I get brand new harnesses and reconnect everything again? Any suggestions. I'm a noob so I won't be able to wire anything. looking for a easy plug and play route. Thanks.
  14. I changed all the wiring harnesses and still no luck. idk what to do im stumped lol
  15. That’s horrible I’m sorry you had to go through that. I think I should be fine I’m located in NJ. There’s no inspection required on motorcycles. All you have to do over here is just register and insure it. No one inspects the vehicle.
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