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  1. Hi I got the spoke wrench with my bike from the dealer it's says 10 on one side and 7 on another. I have an excel torque wrench for my spokes but my largest size is 6.5 and it doesn't fit, I read some post that says I need a 6.8, but is that right cause the spoke wrench says 7, any help on the correct spoke wrench size. Thanks
  2. Hi all, just took my 2017 KTM 250 SXF out this weekend, loved it! One issue I noticed is that there is a lot of play in the throttle. I tighted it up almost backing out the screw to the end. I switched to a Titan motion pro tube due to them cementing the grip to it. My question is when I roll my wrist forward to grab the front break the throttle has a lot of play moving forward, almost like there is not stop or the cables are stretching forward. I loved how my 2015 YZ250F felt the throttle was nice and locked in its resting position but I swear I can roll my throttle 1/4 - 1/2 inch forward. I really want it to be tight and have a hard feel when I go reach for the break and not feel like the wrist is moving forward, almost like I have those adjustable rotating grips. Any idea's do I need to find and aftermarket throttle housing, my 2007 CR 250 is super hard, you couldn't roll the throttle forward if you used all your effort. Thanks
  3. Hi just purchased a 2017 ktm 250 sxf and need a battery charger, not sure which one I should get as this is my first ktm ever, also I ride ever 2-4 weeks how many times should I be charging the battery? I saw one on Motorsport.com, just not sure which one to get. Thanks
  4. I need a new right side air box cover (its the right side panel) mine got scratched and I want to replace it. I looked online and no one has the OEM parts for a 2017 yet in the parts fitch. I looked at Chapparal Motorsports web page but the SXF only goes to 2016. The 2016 comes with the side panel and decal, but I need the 2017. I want the factory one not an aftermarket. When will it be available? Thanks
  5. offthechizzain

    Question on 2017 ktm 250 sxf...excel rims

    Yes I think they put a 2016 wheel in my crate by accident from the factory. If you look at a 2016 ktm that's the wheel I had in my box
  6. 2017 ktm 250 sxf, switching out the front sprocket . When removing the bolt does it loosen to the left. Righty tighty lefty lossee?
  7. offthechizzain

    Question on 2017 ktm 250 sxf...excel rims

    Thanks Farrah, could it be that ktm at the factory made a mistake. I think the factory edition models have the logos? I have been to many Dealerships and all the wheels are black with no logos, my front has the white excel logo, back is all blank.
  8. Hi all, just got a 2017 ktm 250 sxf, bought it in the crate. Just got it home and opened the box. Question is my front wheel has the excel logo in white on the rim, but my back rim does not. Now I know the dealer didn't open the box cause the wheel was factory wrapped and zip tied to the swing arm, plus the crate was all zip ties as well. Wondering why the front wheel has the logo but back doesn't??!!
  9. offthechizzain

    Just bought a 2017 ktm 250 sx-f, what torx do I need

    Is the repair manual online yet? I see it for 2016 but not for 2017. I see the owners manual not the service one
  10. offthechizzain

    Just bought a 2017 ktm 250 sx-f, what torx do I need

    What size torx do I need
  11. Hi can someone please help me on what torx sockets and and drive bits I need. I looked at the manual and it looks like a lot of M4-25 which are regular sockets, but I know I need torx as well. Please help
  12. Buying a 2017 ktm 250 sxf, I have a set of twin walls I want to put on, does the bike come with oversized bar mounts or do I need to purchase them to run the bars. Also is anyone running a 13/51 gearing. I saw mxa recommend that gearing as To the 14/51 stock. Any other recommendations for the bike. I am buying it brand new so I plan on tearing it down to grease and set it up. It's my first KTM ever, what oil is everyone running, not sure on the maintenance or anything I will need. Thanks guys!!
  13. is that because the 2017.5 Factory additions will come out, do you know when they hit the dealer floors or are available online to look at?
  14. Anything would help, plus what dealership. Looking to buy a 2017 KTM 250 SXF and looking for best OTD price. Thanks