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  1. I thought so. But I will check again.
  2. I’ve done some searching but am hoping for a bit more help. 85 Honda cr250r I have pulled the carb twice. Once to clean and rebuild. Second made sure it was clean and installed the jd jetting kit. Also replace the choke/idler. Bike seems to run good, has a lot of power. But I was going up a hill today and the bike started loosing power and finally fully bogged down. I was in first gear. Not sure if it is linked but it’s hard to get going from a stop. Probably me not riding for 20 years though. Any help would be great.
  3. I actually got one on eBay for 15 bucks shipped. Got it the other day. Same one as in the picture.
  4. Ok. Thank you. I see so many different repair books that I wasn’t sure which was the correct one.
  5. Is there a specific repair or service book I need to look for, for my 85 Honda cr250r? Brand? Thank you.
  6. Can anyone give me some carb information of what good carb options I can use on this bike. It gets confusing looking at all the different carbs out there. I read on an older post that carb would need replacing for a bike of this age and he said a mikuni is what he uses. I see jd jetting makes a complete carb as well as other universal 36mm carbs. Also jd jetting makes a needle kit but I didn’t know if it was worth it on a 30+ year old carb. I rebuilt the carb and the bike runs pretty good, but the carb adjustments and choke don’t seem to change anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I will Order the one for a 500 and see how it works.
  8. I see that they include the gasket between the exhaust chamber and the manifold. But not the exhaust seal that is between the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find an exhaust seal for the factory exhaust manifold. Is there another seal that would work? Maybe a cr500? The part is 18359-KA4-771. Thanks
  10. Been looking for a pro Circuit, but no luck. Dg might be the only option since they still make them.
  11. I’m reading as much as I can find through searches but was hoping for some help. I know the 85 has a 1 year funky exhaust. Is there an exhaust they will with this bike? Is it better to get rid of the bypass valve? I picked up the FMF turbine core 2 spark arrestor since the original was gutted. Any info would be great.
  12. Sorry if this has been asked and I’m just not finding it. I am working on the forks for an 85 CR250. Replacing the seals and oil. What oil wt is recommended and how much oil? Is it done compressed with spring out? Also, is there a good trusted place to get a book that would have this info. Thank you guys.
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