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  1. Ca fait environ 1 mois de ca tu peut voir le video sur Facebook aussi! Derien
  2. Dans quel bout de la 15 les deux gars que tu parles?? C'était dans le coin de Mirabel sur la 15!
  3. No problem I thought it was for me! Y'a pas de stress mon ami
  4. Haha thanks yes I was trying in french to see if there was some, I will continue in english i guess
  5. KTM versus Honda versus Husqvarna https://motocrossqc.com/2019/05/20/2019-special-edition-450-shootout-dirt-bike-magazine/#.XQw-spNKh24
  6. Fenelus Sylvain

    Pit Bike Québec à Issoudun

    Le premier événement Pit Bike Québec! https://motocrossqc.com/2019/06/19/motocross-quebec-pit-bike-quebec-a-issoudun/
  7. Sorry I speak French. This was in Quebec last month and the two guys were apparently arrested this week With about 1500$ tickets and 4 points
  8. Si y'a du monde qui parle Francais Ici! https://motocrossqc.com/2019/06/19/les-deux-gars-qui-faisaient-les-fous-en-motocross-sur-la-15-ont-ete-retrouves-par-la-surete-du-quebec/
  9. Fenelus Sylvain

    Fastest Suzuki RM-Z250 on the planet

    Secrets of the fastest Suzuki RM-Z250 on the planet With a second place finish in its first US AMA Pro National in 2019, Alex Martin’s Suzuki is clearly the quickest RM-Z250 on the planet. With support direct from the Suzuki factory as well as Yoshimura, the bike is run and tuned by the Joe Gibbs Racing team – one of the most successful NASCAR race teams of all time. We learn from Alex what the bike is like to ride, and get let in on the technical mods by legendary Suzuki race engineer Lee McCollum.
  10. Fenelus Sylvain

    How to Make Your Own Plastic Skid Plate

    Looks good!
  11. Fenelus Sylvain

    Qui Roule au Québec ici ?

  12. Fenelus Sylvain

    FULL SEND 2019

    Make sure you follow all the incredible motocross riders featured in this video! Each rider’s Instagram name is imprinted on their riding clips. https://motocrossqc.com/2019/06/17/2019-full-send-motocross-1/
  13. Fenelus Sylvain

    First video of Honda's E-CRF

    Oh yess!! This is the future!! The point is not the sound i guess Same here
  14. Fenelus Sylvain

    YZ500 for 2019? Is it real?