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  1. Erik Brun

    Help, metall in the oil

    Looks like bearing race or cage.....
  2. Sorry to thread jack but on subject; For short riders (my wife is 5' even) why don't I see more CRF150Rs out there? The expert with gearing and hand guards seems like it would be a great option for a smaller rider. Edited- had written XR150/meant CRF150. Thanks!
  3. When you sit on rocky sections any upward motion transfers through your spine and jars your head (your control center). Standing allows the bike to take the jolts giving you ultimately more control. It's also easier to get away from the bike when you need to. As to exposure, as you know, you go where you look. That said I seldom realize the danger I am in until I see pics or vids after the fact! Not sure that is healthy or not but up to this point; ignorance is bliss. Dont stop, dont look, dont fall. But it's always been that way for me. Guess we are all different. Not sure if you will "get over it". Maybe just charge in next time. Eyes up and forward, out of the saddle. Good luck!
  4. Erik Brun

    Comeback bike after 5 years not riding!!

    I am 48. 220#s. Just back to riding after 13 years. I have a 2019 Yz250FX and am dumbstruck how easy it is to ride. I am riding much quicker than I planned to be at this point and it is due to the bike. I have been riding Texas rooted/rocky single track and find the throttle a non-issue. That said, my last bike was a 1991 YZ250 setup for desert. That was an abrupt throttle. Depending on the OP's background and riding style this bike may be perfect.
  5. Erik Brun

    2018 YZ250FX Clutch Dragging

    Two 30 minute sessions and little to no clutch drag. Also a bit easier to find neutral.
  6. Erik Brun

    2018 YZ250FX Clutch Dragging

    Picked mine up this week. I have noticed a bit of drag with proper freeplay setting. Hard to find neutral. Going to give it a solid break-in this weekend, change the oil and run it again. I will report back after break-in.