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    Anyone from Tampa Bay Area?

    Any riders from the Tampa Bay Area that ride?
  2. Madsmokey12

    buying a new bike....maybe

    A rm250 is more setup as of a track/mx bike but it will work for a trail bike. If you just want a strictly trail bike I would look into something else
  3. Madsmokey12

    Bike ramp?

    Hey guys I’m looking for a bike ramp to load up my Dirtbike in the bed of my truck but I also want one wide enough for my Yfz450 to use as well. I don’t want another trailer I already have an enclosed trailer for my rzr. I drive a Ford F-250 so it sits quite a bit higher then a standard truck. Anyone have any recommendations?
  4. Madsmokey12

    Bike ramp?

    I just went with a yutrax 104 and it works great! Pulling off the tailgate is a pain for me due to the backup camera and all that good stuff it loads pretty easy
  5. Madsmokey12

    I love riding

    Do some stretches before you ride. YouTube has some great videos for some stretches before you ride. You can even run a lap or 2 to get the blood flow pumping. Also very important to keep hydrated. Don’t over hydrate so you have to keep running to the bathroom while you are riding but just make sure you’re well hydrated. Eating healthier helps too (not sure how you eat) but a nice healthy meal between 1-2hrs before you’re ride helps. Also helps to bring snacks for between rides I suggest a kind bar or some kind of other energy bar with some water, you can even bring fresh fruit. And last is staying fit and doing stretches while not riding it will help so much with you’re recovery time
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    Do you think I should get a bike?

    So true [emoji23]
  7. Madsmokey12

    Best gas jug?

    What is the best gas jug / can to use? I was looking into one of them VP 5 gallon ones but I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on them. Apparently the bottom seam separates quite often on them. Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  8. Madsmokey12

    Do you think I should get a bike?

    I was just in the same situation my fiancé did not want me to buy a bike in the worst way. She was worried that I would end up getting hurt probably didn’t help that I have scares from a Dirtbike wreck as a kid. But she is lenient with everything else I have a Yfz450 a rzr1000 and a jetski but she was not about me getting a Dirtbike. Normally I like to listen and I knew if I didn’t listen I would have hell to pay. But me being me I couldn’t get this one bike out of my head and I knew I had to have it so I did what any logical thing a guy would do and bought it and didn’t tell her until I got home with it. Her reaction wasn’t really what I was expecting I could tell she wasn’t thrilled but was still happy for me knowing it was my dream. Ever since then she’s been very supportive wanting to go to the track with me and even getting me stuff for the bike. I wish I could get her into the sport but she can’t even ride a bicycle lol. Moral of the story if you really want it buy it
  9. Madsmokey12

    Best gas jug?

    That hunsaker looks like a good quality gas jug! Little more expensive then the VP but you get what you pay for. Haha you sound like me gotta have everything matching. Lol I even bought ktm tie downs! I just got back into the sport now that I’m older and more responsible so I had buy all new gear. I’m not trying to skimp on anything. Tomorrow will be my first night to get to ride at the mx track now that I got the required gear for it.
  10. Madsmokey12

    Best gas jug?

    That’s what I wanted to buy but there is so many bad reviews on amazon for them leaking from the bottom of the seam . Maybe amazon got a bad batch? I don’t have the patience for the spill safe cans
  11. Madsmokey12

    I wiped and broke my Brake lever

    Get you’re self one of them flex levers they are you’re best friend
  12. Just prove to them that you can be responsible to own a dirt bike. I know you said you had dirtbikes when you were younger but it’s totally different when you’re a teenager and you’re gonna be doing riding on you’re own. These bigger bikes are not toys. You can seriously get hurt on them if you don’t respect the bike. Also make sure you have the proper riding gear. Once you get hurt you will understand. Know you’re limits . I got my first bike when I was 12 it was a kx65 and I was fearless on the bike until I got hurt, I still have the scares today from that wreck. Now that I’m older (28 yrs old) I learned to respect the bike and know my limits. Also gotta respect you’re parents my mom wasn’t thrilled about me getting back into the sport but I convinced her that I’m gonna ride it responsible and she understood. Sit down with you’re parents and be an adult about it tell them how you feel, let them know that you’re gonna get the proper riding gear and let them know where and who you will be riding with. Maybe try and talk you’re dad into getting into the sport with you, so you guys can spend quality time together. Another reason why they might not want you to get a bike is I’m sure you’re getting to that age that you’re gonna start driving soon and they might want you to save the money for a car / truck instead of buying a Dirtbike. But best thing to do is sit down with both of them and ask questions why they don’t approve. Best of luck!
  13. Madsmokey12

    Worst crash to date what about you guys?

    My worst crash was when I was younger had a brand new kx65 I thought I was a bad ass. Pulled it out one day decided to take a rip down the street to show off in front of my friends. I’m banging through gears and absolutely ripping down this paved street. Started to rain so road is wet and I’m wearing no protective gear what so ever just a tee shirt some shorts and flip flops. Well while I’m ripping down this road one of the kids decides to jump out in front of me so I do everything I can to stop this bike and avoid hitting this kid. I ended laying down the bike and getting some nasty road rash. I was told I slid about 100 feet. Bike was fine got back up and rode it home lol I was more worried about the bike then me. Luckily didn’t break anything but it was still a pretty good wreck and I still got the scares from it till this day. Now that I’m older I learned that you gotta respect the bike and always wear the proper gear when riding. And when I’m about to do something stupid I just look down at the one scare I got on my left wrist lol [emoji23]
  14. Madsmokey12

    New boot goofin

    Sweet setup!!!!!
  15. Madsmokey12

    New boot goofin

    So guys I’m in the market for some boots I’m pretty dead set on alpinestars I tried on a pair of tech 7s today and they felt pretty comfy im also looking at the tech 10s. Is the tech 10s worth the extra money over the tech 7s? I want something that’s comfortable and that will last. Also is there a online store that I should buy from to get the best price?
  16. I’m really bad with keeping boxes from items I have a whole 4x6closet full of boxes. Im gonna get rid of all my Dirtbike boxes Only thing I’ll keep now is like my helmet box and boots box and anything that has cool packaging that don’t take up crazy space. I’m 28 so you’re not alone lol
  17. Madsmokey12

    New boot goofin

    Thank you so much with all the support and advice I really appreciate it! I’m really happy with the decision over the alpinestars! And I’m glad Rocky Mountain could price match for me. Because I needed the boots before next weekend due to going on vacation for a month
  18. Madsmokey12

    New boot goofin

    Well I pulled the trigger on some sidi crossfire srs 2s! I wanted the 3s but they don’t make them in a 48. Bought them from Rocky Mountain they gave me a price match same as chromeburner so I couldn’t resist
  19. I normally can’t get the people to leave me alone when I’m just checking out stuff. I’ve only had problems with one shop my dad was looking to buy a brand new can am defender Xmr edition keep in mind this is a $20k+ sale and he was ready the pull the trigger and the salesman didn’t want to give us the time of day. For me I have every power sport toy they offer besides a streetbike so I don’t gotta worry about going back
  20. Madsmokey12

    New boot goofin

    You really got me thinking about the sidi boots. How long does it take to get the boots in from chromeburner? I’m leaving for North Carolina at the end of the month I kinda waited until last minute [emoji22] I really wish I could try a pair on just to make sure they fit
  21. Madsmokey12

    New boot goofin

    That’s a deal! I really like the srs because of the replaceable sole. I was looking into the crossfire srs 2 they make them in a 13. I normally wear a size 13 tennis shoe. I tried on a pair of alpinestars tech 7s in a size 12 and they fit me well just were a little tight for me in front width but it wasn’t bad (my foot is a little wider) so I might be able to get away with a sidi srs 2 boot
  22. Madsmokey12

    New boot goofin

    I’m gonna do some research and see if I can find a local sidi dealer. You got me intrigued! And I wear a size 13 as well
  23. Madsmokey12

    Tie downs?

    I wanna see what people thoughts are on tie downs. Ratchet straps vs standard pull down strap.
  24. Madsmokey12

    New boot goofin

    The shop here is pretty slim to non. I’m in Tampa Florida and it’s geared more towards street bikes. They had about 8 different boots to choose from the tech 7s being the best. I know the off-road gear is not a huge demand here so I understand. They have another location about the same distance from me I’m gonna check it out and see if they got anything different
  25. Madsmokey12

    Chest protector?

    Hey guys I’m looking at buying a good chest protector and I’m not sure what one to go with. I was either thinking the body guard or just the chest protector. I want something that’s light and comfortable but I don’t want to skimp on the protection. If I can get some suggestions that would be great! Thanks!