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  1. In East Asian Columbia? Go north, north north north, you need to get away from little China... oops I meant Vancouver haha Prince George is where its at! 😎
  2. I hope so, Greenland has volcanoes right? I want to be a badass and ride along volcanoes!
  3. Yeah i like Canada, seriously though, who cares about Greenland. Yeah I don't know anyone, but I bet its got some minty single track!
  4. Samsquantch

    New KTM owner

    Good! Mah momma raised me to be a good boi I would never wheelie on the pavement with a MX bike! ;)
  5. Sorry m8, but Canada bought out HBC. And we still kicked your sorry asses in a war yall started. Don't be mad that you guys can be conquered by anyone who feels like it. And the only way yall can stop it is throwing enough money at it. I will refer you to your defense budget, then refer you to combat efficiency of US combat arms. Yeah those numbers are way off... I won't argue the others cause I don't live in the others. the US is a lot of things, but far from unconquered. But yalls trollin, like this entire thread. GOAT thread for sure
  6. I could see that, but my ol' YZ was quite the animal to ride, and in the low speed low rpm stuff I've gotten good at riding the throttle and clutch, since my ol' girl wouldn't idle, AT ALL. I don't know, I'm not saying they're easy. But when you get good at wheeling a light ass, snappy aggressive bike in the tight stuff, I figure you can ride anything anywhere. I should try me a Rekluse, never had one. I was (and still am, dont get married at 20 like I did, you won't have the money to divorce 😂) not the wealthiest. But I'm only 23 so I figure I got a few good years of riding and racing so I want to try one. I might nix the engine build and just do bolt ons and Rekluse for my first season back racing. I've just always loved the handling of MX bikes and the RMZ-250 is the best handling of them all. It's hard to beat, I even used to have a trail pig to try out (XR650R) and meh, not snappy enough. If my adrenaline isn't pumping at all times i get complacent. But thats all my preference. I just can't even really put my finger on why, but I just love everything about the way MX bikes feel. Just anywhere. However, my first bike was a KX100 when I was 7 and I couldn't touch the ground, so I just had to keep moving at all times and if I came off, i would have to hop on while letting the clutch out. , so maybe I just like riding something I can barely handle. hey Sophia... I'm starting to get used to the 250s power, wanna trade? jk 😂
  7. Canada has never been conquered... nor has Australia... or New Zealand... or Greenland... plenty of countries if you look past your 'merica blinders! Not too mention we beat the USA's ass in the war of 1812, you can call them "British" but Isaac Brock was born in Canada and the entire military that fought that war was recruited in Canada. So they were Canadian. This is a thread about Austrian bikes.... How did we get here?
  8. I have a fourstroke motocross bike. ride mountain single track. Other than running out of gear I keep up or pass other riders the same as they pass me. It's all opinion and the bike itself. I love my RMZ-250 even with the MX specific setup I've done on it. But opinions are like &%$#@!, everyones got one. I still love my old YZ250 and one day I'll rip her again but for now, meh. The ol' Rumblebee is more than capable. I've been grippin and rippin for 16 years and honestly, I prefer MX bikes overall for all off-road riding, come at me
  9. Samsquantch

    Red Bull Romaniacs

    What some good channels/ areas to catch recaps etc?
  10. I don't know about all this stuff. I like my bike cause it's mine, if it was orange I'd still love it the same I'm sure. However, I know my RMZ is Japanese, All of my bikes come from Japan when I order them and I doubt that Suzuki is sending the parts to India then back to Japan just to ship them here, they'd just export from India. I don't see any assembled in India on my bike either, and by Canadian consumer law they would have to state something like that. But guys, bikes are fun, grip and rip whatever you got!
  11. Samsquantch

    How to avoid head on’s?

    That Jeep all the way up the mountain sure was a sight to see eh? But I use the racers rule. Stay right, dodge right. Unless there is a cliff side or something then y'know, prolly should just suck it up and take the bump.
  12. Samsquantch

    03 YZ250F Exhaust Oddity

    Good points, thats what I'll go with. The old one is ugly as sin (I kinda like it doe) but its not my bike so I think he will be keeping that one on. As for the spark arrestor that does make sense, but I wonder why my RMZ came with one. Either way, I appreciate the info and if you happen to remember anything about those '03 YZs please let me know! Nolan won't get on here for some reason but he needs this info so I'll pass it on! Thanks again I appreciate it immensely!
  13. Samsquantch

    03 YZ250F Exhaust Oddity

    Did they not put an arrestor in the '09 yzs? I only recognize the exhaust cause back in highschool a guy got a brand spankin new '09 and that's exactly the exhaust it had. As for sound etc, I'm pretty sure my buddy (you can see him with the sweater on in the second picture) likes the sound and look. I was just curious if this was a mod done often and if so, why?
  14. Samsquantch

    03 YZ250F Exhaust Oddity

    Hey guys! I'm actually asking this out of curiosity, I personally run an RMZ. A good friend of mine bought himself an '03 YZ250F and I noticed it doesn't have the stock exhaust, it appears to have the exhaust off of an 09 YZ250F. Is this a common mod? should my buddy get a different exhaust or is that actually the best set up for him? I attached a couple pictures, I don't think I need to say that the blue one is his bike lol... Thanks guys!
  15. Samsquantch

    New KTM owner

    Shhhhhh! whatever could you mean? 😇