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    No Toil-Twin Air Issues

    I guess what I really feared was a water soluble filter "oil" being compromised or thinned if it got wet during a race. After all,its designed to be cleaned with soap and water. I live in San Bernardino Ca. Its true rain seldom falls in any great amount here, but when it does, people die. Several at a time usually. Twice in the last 20 years.I watched two cars and 3 people swept to there deaths 20ft in front of me the fisrst time. The second time 11 were swept away and killed about 1mile from me, but in two locations. A friend and myself volunteered to aid the Sherrifs Mounted (horseback) Search and Rescue unit . I rode my KX500, he rode a CR500. When we arrived at the scene, a devastated KOA campground (also a short time travel trailer camp spot) the first sight I had was of a 1 ton dual rear tired contracters service bed truck with a matching service bed trailer, that at the flash floods highwater mark , had been swept away to become caught on a tree. The hitch between truck and trailer struck a tree trunk and when swept around both sides of the tree to swing in the currant, the truck and trailer were twisted around each other and the tree trunk like a wire bread tie. Now, with the water gone, the truck and trailer "bread tie" were wrapped around the trunk high enough to be completeley out of my reach,and I,m a six footer. We rode all day searching down the wash for about 5 miles. We found a bear, completeley devoid of fur from the grinding of being swept a mile or two, dead of course.They found onlythe skull and a few vertabre of one victim in a neighboring city. About 12 miles downstream. So, yes, I do know rain fairly/well. Thank God its not happenned again. BUT we did have a little 6.5 pre-shock earthquake followed a day later by its 7.1 sibling and hundreds of subsequent aftershocks. But it was a "dry"40 second 7.1 trembler. A bit off-thread, and did notmean to throw it in your face, but everytime I,ve reason to recall that event,and tell of it I do not miss my chance.Thru the manytank deep water and quicksand crossings forced upon us, my Twin Air filter and oil kept it outside my engine. I doubt No-Toil would have been able to.
  2. Bobby Phillips

    88 Honda NX250 "barn" find

    The sweet low mileage bikes are getting harder to find. And that makes it even sweeter to locate one!
  3. Bobby Phillips

    No Toil-Twin Air Issues

    Regardless of its effects upon the filters, I never trusted a water soluble "oil" to protect my engine. especially in wet conditions. Here in the rain capitol ,,um,, Southern California....Though our recent itty-bitty earthquakes did upset the water cooler in the garage and dampen my hard terrain tires a bit.
  4. Bobby Phillips

    Keep Your Cool: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat

    I find the thickest heaviest cotton long sleeved white shirt I can find, soak it in cold water and wear it under my pretty "wicks away sweat " jersey that I hate but is almost all that's available. I'd wear the white shirt soaked under a cotton jersey if they were available (from my sponsor) I have suggested cotton should be an option offered for those like me who think sweat needs to remain on the body a bit longer. I view the "wicking" materials as basically a moisture stealing enemy that sucks water off of you forcing the body to use more of it's supply to cool itself.
  5. Bobby Phillips

    Nobody to ride with...

    I love riding alone. I do just what I want. No having to try this triple cuz Joe did it, not that my friends pressure me, its that I place pressure on myself. More like , if they can do it so can I even if I'm unsure. I still use my head and say no when I need to. Don't sell your bike. That is not "moving on" with your life,life moves and takes you with it, like it or not. Selling the bike intending to end your riding life is just that. Ending your riding life.For me, turning laps on a motocross track is therapy, and the focus it takes to circulate the track takes all your problems away for the time you ride. I'd lose it without that. If I donLt get out and ride at least once a week I become unpleasant and short tempered. I tried mounting a set of Renthals on my headboard, (thank God for my wonderful understanding girlfriend. Maybe not understanding but tolerant) but as fun as it was hittin the whoops hard and often, it just was not the same. I was still grouchy, but I smiled a lot.I regret sellingevery single motorcycle I've ever sold except one, a 250 CZ Enduro miserable pile of crap. As to riding alone,tell someone where, and how long, with written instructions to the spot and an idea what kind of vehicle is needed to get there. Best is to take them at least once so they know the way. Finally, best tip ever. When it rains, go out in the rain and ride.Splash in the puddles. Hit dirt banks and turn and enjoy the glorious roost behind you. Oh sorry to say this on Thumper and all, but this riding experience is best flavored bya Green KX500! Roost!!
  6. Bobby Phillips

    88 Honda NX250 ignition switch help

    I believe it is! You are a genius and have my eternal gratitude. My personal experience and expertise is based on the Kawasaki lineup of the two-stroke (will that term get me in trouble here?) KX models. Particularly the 89 125/250 and subsequent 500cc models. I have many parts and more advice aquired during years of involvement with these bikes and the factory and team personnel. If I may somehow pay you back with any assistance regarding this type machine,you have only to ask. Thank you again. BJP, San Bernardino CA.
  7. Lucked out and for $700 found this 88 Honda NX250 with just one summer of street riding and only 2300 miles on it before spending 30years waiting for me sitting in a garage! The only thing it had damaged was the seat cover from UV rays as it sat by a window. Never had touched the ground,still had OEM tires,and did not seem to ever have had a wrench touch any bolt.
  8. My perfect 88 NX250 with only 2300 miles when I bought, now showing 5600, was stolen from my garage. I literally tracked it the three blocks by finding faint tire impressions in the dust in the gutter of the intersections and then up into the thieves dirt driveway. After a lively "discussion" that ended with the thief unable to continue with the conversation, I pushed it back home. Unfortunately,in the time he had it he drilled out the ignition switch destroying it completely. I'm unable to locate one as they are discontinued. Can't find an eBay or other site switch either. There are many aftermarket parts but none I've found have the ability to lock the steering as the OEM switch does. If I can find a used one or if someone knows what make and model motorcycle uses a switch that can be used and is available please let me know. The lock bolt or plunger is 10mm. If I can find a switch that has a 10mm lock plunger and bolts on in the same manner as stock the after lining up the lock pin with the hole it enters, I can easily drill bolt holes in the mounting plate that match the new locks pattern. Or make a new plate. Any body?
  9. Bobby Phillips

    YZ250 bolt nut screw snap

    I'm always a bit afraid that an EZ out or extractor might expand the bolt and make it even more difficult to remove. Something I do that works extremely well on broken cylinder studs, (because they are steel stuck in aluminum it is a bit safer) is to take a small piece of flat steel say an inch by seven scrap of 1/16 scrap and drill a small hole near the end in the center. One that's maybe 2/3 the diameter of your broken bolt. Then countersink the hole,which can be done with a larger drill bit . What you should now have is a wrench length piece of flat steel with a hole that you can position over your bolt. You then simply weld the steel to the broken stud through the hole you have drilled. Now you have a "wrench" welded to the stud. Simply gently unscrew it. It helps to have bent the flat steel before welding, up enough so it clears the surface of what you are extracting your bolt from. Make sure before that you have room for complete circular turns with your improvised tool. You can also simply weld a nut in place and use a wrench or socket to remove. A steel stud inside a steel hole requires caution to avoid welding the stud accidentally to the part you wish to remove it from.
  10. Bobby Phillips

    nx 250 xr

    Last August I bought my 88 Honda NX 250 (second owner) from a friends dad, who bought it new, rode it through one summer ( only putting 2300 miles on it) then parked in his garage for 30yrs. Then I bought it for daily commuting and casual trails and fire roads, going fishing and etc. Could not ask for it to run better,love the power and the six speed transmission. The 70 MPG is nice too! Wish my other bikes had six speeds, those being a couple 89 KX250s,a 91 and 96 KX500, of course my03 KX125 has one. Seems understandable to want a six speed on the 250 to most, but nobody gets it as far as the 500s go. Its just that I short shift to the extreme, and always try to shift/both into a non existant sixth gear. Any way,here is my NX250 all shiny and perfect at 2300 miles. Since then it was stolen but I found them and got it back but will with hold the details,, at least till the statute of limitations runs out!