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  1. Tchaikovsky

    How many atc owners are out there?

    Lots of people have atc200s up here in Alaska. ATVs are waaay more common in the small villages, like you could walk into the vil and see one yard will have 3 ATVs and 5 broken down ATVs in the back yard and then see all the rest of the yards are just like that, cuz in the vil gas is 8-11 dollars a gallon.
  2. Tchaikovsky

    The Fundamentals of Dirt Bike Handling

    Sometimes when a guy owns a car and drives it for a few years and nobody else drives it, he gets use to the patterns of his own. Then when he lets someone else drive it for a few weeks and he gets his car back, you might hear him say "I could definitely tell someone else has been driving my car." I had an instructor say that is because everyone drives a car differently and the guy might step on the brakes nice and slow 40 feet from the stop sign and the person he let borrow the car might step on the brakes harder and closer to the stop sign and start turning and speeding up differently than the owner, making a small difference in wear patterns that can be noticeable to the owner. These wear patterns are more noticeable in somewhat older cars. Cuz today's cars are being made with much higher quality precision machined materials that don't have as much friction and wear as the older cars. This can somewhat apply to dirt bikes and quads if you let lots of people use your ride, I have one friend that let lots of people drive his quad and it wasn't functioning as well later on. I told him to not let anyone drive his quad and he knew that it had been thrashed on and he listened to me when he got a different quad and it has lasted much longer functioning better with only him driving it.
  3. Tchaikovsky

    How to Know When to Replace the Piston in Your Bike

    When I rebuild 2 strokes I always file the end gap on the rings a little too much just so even if the engine overheats the ring ends won't touch and the piston lasts longer. I don't race so I don't care if I lose a little compression. On 4 strokes I always file the ring end gap to specs.
  4. Tchaikovsky

    10 Tips for a Dirt Bike Bottom End Rebuild

    I have a Yz250f engine that I am rebuilding (my first four stroke dirt bike I am rebuilding) and a piece broke through the case and I can't get it to TDC. I don't think it was the crank cuz if it was it wouldn't turn over as far as it does. I don't want to mess up when I take it apart without it being at TDC compression stroke cuz there are some engines that need the oil pump to be aligned when you take it apart. I tried doing the timing on my 600 thundercat but I failed and it was off a notch and it broke. Have you guys rebuilt a four stroke dirt bike without taking it apart at TDC compression stroke? Any tips on timing?
  5. Tchaikovsky

    Pistons Aren't Round: Profile and Ovality Explained

    What I learned in Diesel school is that pistons are also part oval because the metal expands as it heats up and the mass next to the wrist pin expands a little more because it gets hotter. And if you measure the bottom of a cylinder sleeve with calipers it will be wider by a small amount than the top of the cylinder sleeve. That is for diesel engines at least I don't know about all engines.
  6. Tchaikovsky

    Is Honda making a 2020 CR500?

    No, I would ask for a discount because almost all single ring pistons on 2 strokes are made for racing. And a racing piston is designed by the manufacturers to weigh less and run for 1 race (or sometimes has a certain small number of hours it can run for) and then gets changed out for a new piston and ring the next race. That is why they won't last as long when you go joy riding or long term use. Where I live there are not any race tracks around and nobody races in competition they all have their rides for joy riding or point A to point B rides. And the majority of the double ring pistons are made for long term use. That is why I ask for a discount is because I won't be racing like ever, and plus I would have to rebuild it which would take time and money. And the people I buy the rides from all don't race either. And I have explained to people before that have had there dirt bikes piston break that had a single compression ring piston that single compression rings are made for racing and tell them to buy a double ring so it will last longer
  7. Tchaikovsky

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    That's cuz the Cr250 is the lowest compression ratio 250 there is. If I add an 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch shim-gasket between the cylinder head and cylinder of my Yz250 and it would be like a 255cc - 265cc but lower compression it would have a higher top end speed most likely. I think I am going to try adding that shim now that I said that, I will have to extend the cylinder head bolts and drill the holes in the shim for the antifreeze and advance the timing a few notches cuz the fuel will take a little longer to explode to TDC from the distance of the shim and there might be a couple other factors that will need to be worked out but I have modified engines ever since I have worked on them. I once grinded a 120cc pit bike case to put a 147cc big bore cylinder and piston on it and then it ran and I rode it around even though I didn't expect it too run. I also have used Cheerio base gaskets on lots of my rides and they work every time. I have also rewelded big exhausts into smaller exhaust like 60 percent smaller on two strokes and four strokes and they work every time. I want to become an engineer someday but I don't want to go into debt. But I will figure out some way to get the money for schooling cuz I usually have high paying jobs that are around 20 to 24 an hour.
  8. Tchaikovsky

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I have my Athena Yz300 in my RM125 frame (I re-welded the mounts), with a Kx80 seat, and Yz250f gas tank and someone put the wrong swing arm on and I don't know what's the arm is from.
  9. Tchaikovsky

    Scrambler VS Predator

    I had a polaris 400 scrambler and it was like part way in between a racing quad and utility ATV. The racing part of it came in play because it is a two stroke and is belt driven and accelerates fast. The utility part is because it is a little more on the heavy side and is built like a utility ATV and has a towing hitch and fan on the radiator. The only problem is I was trying to haul loads of wood with it off road in the mud and boggy ground and the belt was wearing out from hard use. And I didn't want to over heat it because it was a two stroke which is not really for work work. So I sold it cuz it was like an attempt at a utility vehicle and used a little too much gas for just driving around and too big for speeding around fast.
  10. Tchaikovsky

    Polaris 90 Wiring Woes

    I once had a 1998 Scrambler 400. I rebuilt it and replace the stator and lots of the wiring. I ended up just cutting lots of the wires off that were not needed and just left the stator, cdi, ignition coil, headlight, and tail light wires. Stuff like the brake light and oil level and reverse and a few other minor wires I just cut off and left and that made things look a lot better and not like a rats nest.
  11. Tchaikovsky

    97 KX80 motor is seized can buy it for $50...should I?

    I bought a 1999 Kx 80 that was for parts and my friend bought a 2006 Kx 85 and the flywheel and stator sizes where different as we found out when he bought the flywheel and stator from me and tried to put them on, so he just cut the wires and rewired the timing sensor and got it running.
  12. Tchaikovsky

    1997 Suzuki rm250 running rough

    My friend has a Yamaha Blaster and he buys Wiseco pistons for it and he has rebuilt it like more than 7 times with Wiseco pistons and cranks and after the third or fourth time he rebuilt it I told him to file the end of the compression rings to get the end gap right but he said that there was NO WAY he was going to file the rings cuz he was just putting them in straight out of the box and said they were good and when it overheated the ring ends would push very hard against each other and ruin the piston, rings and sometimes cylinder. He doesn't have a PO Box so he would always have me order the Wiseco piston, so like the last time I ordered the piston for him it came in the mail and I took the rings out and filed them to like until there was 1/12 inch gap (a little too much) and then put them back in the box so it looked like they hadn't been touched and then gave it to him and he rebuilt it and then the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Blaster LASTED LIKE 10 TIMES AS LONG WITHOUT THE PISTON BREAKING,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then I told him after it lasted so long because I filed the compression rings to make it last longer and he was like "oh, I guess I will have you file my rings from now on" And if you still have that cylinder it is probably an overbore or honed out cylinder if you bought it used,,,,,, one time I bought a broken blaster engine and sold it to another friend a few weeks later before I used it, and we rebuilt it in my garage and couldn't find out why it had such low compression and then I took a digital caliper and measured the bore top and bottom and then measured the stock size piston he had bought and we found out that the cylinder was overbored.
  13. Tchaikovsky

    Is Honda making a 2020 CR500?

    My friend has a CR500 and someone put one of those single compression ring racing pistons in and it didn't last very long. Every time I buy a bike before I buy it I get the guy or girl to let me take the exhaust off so I could look at the piston to see if it has 2 rings. If it has one ring I will ask for a discount.
  14. Tchaikovsky

    Yz250 big bore and power

    I figured out the problem, I was trying to run with an RM125 air filter which was to thick. I put the right air filter on and now I have sooooo much power!! I put thee bike together with a YZ300 in a RM125 frame with a KX80 seat and YZ250F gas tank, yeah I like to use the wrong parts on all my vehicles. My dad once said that everything I own looks like hell, and he was right.
  15. Tchaikovsky

    YZ250 Athena 300 kit questions/recommendations

    I have my Athena yz300 on my 2004 bike. I am at sea level and the temperatures are about 55-75 degrees. The bike has a Keihin from the 2000 year model, vforce reeds and FMF Gold series exhaust with Shorty FMF silencer. What they didn't tell you is that the Athena big bore cylinder is about 3 millimeters taller than the stock yz250 cylinder (I set them next to each other). That means the rod for the power valve from the crank case to the front of the cylinder is too short. I saw on one of these sites that a guy said there was no powerband but that was because he didn't know the cylinder was taller. So I cut the rod and welded it about 3 millimeters longer to the right height and my bike has a powerband. I when the powerband hit the bike wouldn't open up all the way even with the Shorty FMF. So I cut the bends out of the silencer and made it straight and now it opens up all the way. Keihin carbs are not very good quality some people have said, and I am struggling with getting the jetting right and octane levels right because I am using octane booster and the gas station in my small town says the octane is 88 but it seems sometimes to be less than 88 possibly down to 75 or so. I don't have a way to check the octane level but I know that gas stations don't always sell the octane level they say because I learned that in diesel/heavy equipment school. I am just sitting here about to put a 55 pilot jet in [tried a stock (48) pilot and switched that to a 45] because when the bike got up to temperature after about 15 minutes of riding the bike would only run when I held the choke up a little bit getting the right amount of gas. It was also running too hot cuz I felt the radiator and stopped riding and am trying to figure out the problem. What do you guys think about the power valve rod being to short? I think the manufacturer might have just not told people it was too short so guys would not be able to use hit the power band, as when it hits it has laughts of power and if you spend too much time running with the power band open it seems like it will tear apart the bike. Do your guy's power band hit?