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  1. Hey man, with bar risers, you can find some pretty cheap options on eBay or Amazon. I had a set of "Kemimoto" (cheap Chinese made generic) 1 1/4 risers on my 300, and paired with a set of higher ride bars riding standing up was super easy (I'm 6'4"). But I do like the idea of offset risers too.
  2. Hey all, I got all the electrical stuff for my bike in to. I swapped out the coil and found no spark whatsoever. So I went and switched out the CDIs and lo and behold, a beautiful blue spark appeared. I swapped CDIs (and coils for good measure, the cracks in the original weren't sitting too well with me), and she runs like a beast
  3. Hey, it seems a lot of people can sympathize with you on the riding alone part, and I am one of those people. Hell, I probably have a good 10:1 ratio of rides alone to rides in groups. And I also have a lot of trails that I've rode countless times. In the end, what keeps me riding is just finding any way I can to change up how to ride each trail, or find any variation I can and take it. Those that suggest finding a club for group rides and the like are also absolutely right. In clubs like that you'll find new buddies and riding partners to ride with, and that's almost never a bad thing. You just gotta look on the bright side and find ways to keep on keeping on with the sport.
  4. Yeah, I figured that the CDI went bad at first, but after I took the bike apart to the stator, pulled the stator and went as far as checking the continuity of each individual wire, as well as the ground of each stator coil, and everything checks out. Resistance across wires were within spec as well. I decided to check the coil again and noticed there was a crack underneath the boot. Probably not supposed to be there, I thought. I stuck my multimeter into the wire going into the coil and found that power was being transmitted all the way to the coil when the bike was kicked over. After that, I checked it all with the coil attached and found that no power made it through (duh, there was no spark). One wire was in the coil (on the metal) and the other was on the frame. I found an entire electrical assembly for the bike on eBay for a decent price, so I'll probably just try everything over with new parts and see how it goes. I'm out of town and will be back probably next Monday. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Wires were inspected, and switch was tested as well.
  6. The bike ran before just fine. I test rode it at the guy's place, and it was all good to go. I got home and was riding it around, and it just stalled out and wouldn't start again. Took out the plug, tested for spark, and there was none, even with a brand new plug.
  7. Hey, I just bought an '06 YZ450F, and got it home and noticed that it had no spark. I'd checked the coil for continuity, disconnected the killswitch (and tested that too for the hell of it), checked continuity/resistance in the stator all as the manual says, checked ALL of the connection points, and it all comes out OK. According to the manual, the only thing left that could've gone bad is the CDI. however, I just want to be sure that there's nothing else that I can do except for replace the CDI. Any other tests not stated in the manual that I can do? Any help would be appreciated.
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