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  1. Thanks a lot guys. Great info !
  2. I'm glad to see this topic still going. Got my bike (500RRS) at the end of May and finding out, or believing that I am oversprung a bit. I only weigh 142 give or take and take it pretty easy these days. I went ahead and purchased a set of 46 front and 5.2 rear springs. I've been reluctant to install them because, well, mostly, don't know how. Sheesh ! Been looking online and thinking it's pretty simple for the fork, but I haven't seen this particular setup. I figure the rear is easier yet, but haven't determined the easiest path to get the shock out of there. I liked seeing Hammy-56's post indicating that there may be a manual available shortly ( how nice of them ), so I 'll probably wait for that. Looking forward to seeing how the lighter springs work. Might find out that the stock is better. Just don't know. Coming off vintage bikes with who knows what for springs. Whatever they came with. Ha ! BTW, I am referring to the ZF suspension. Also, just in case you're interested, I bought the springs from Beta, naturally, but the fork springs came from Eibach, #970.046.1 On Eibach's website they cross reference to a Yammy WR450F.
  3. I'm sure I had a pack of Marlboro's very close to me in that picture (yes, that's me and my 250 CZ). I'd typically have one hanging out of my mouth just before the starts, if left to my own devices. Ha ! No more smoking now. Quit a long time ago. I'm glad you are doing ok after your time with em. No, not racing. That seems like it was a lifetime ago that I was (because it is a lifetime ago, practically. lol). By the end of 1976 I was done. Always loved to go cow trailing though. I bought a TT500 in 79, which I still own and ride from time to time. Picked up another TT about five years ago and fixed it up, and have been running that one until recently, when I plunged into the modern era and bought a 19 Beta 500RRS. Good Lord !! That bike is a demon ! I am having so much fun with it riding the forest roads and trails around here. Getting used to the height. Man, sometimes I need one or two tires on the ground along with BOTH feet, but that is not happening here ! My buddy says I need to let the suspension do the work. Ha ! Thanks pal ! But all in all I'm just a hack who still has fun with motorcycles. It looks like you're still racing. That is awesome. Hey, do you remember back around 75 when all those crated 73 CZ 400's became available ? I wasn't interested in going backwards (you know how things were changing rapidly then), but you could get those for around 4 or 5 hundred bucks. I knew someone who did buy one. Good deal. Tony
  4. Right on man ! Keep on riding. I'm guessing that's a pack of ciggies and not an iphone in your pocket. ­čść back in the summer of 70 ! And I guess I should get back on topic. Here I am at my first race. Fremont CA 1972. AMA, District 36 #319C
  5. 2019 500 RRS Just bought it this weekend. Only have had a short ride around town. Looking to get to and photograph some of the beautiful places around here. Really enjoying some of the great photos on this thread.
  6. I've been going through the owner's manual and all of the rest of the documentation. One of the things I saw there was a bit shocking. That was the maintenance schedule that showed crankshaft, conrod, piston, and more needing to be renewed or replaced at 90 hours ! I'm like, what ?! Good to hear you getting all that time in on yours. Either way, I'm not gonna worry about it. Will just go riding while I can. ­čść
  7. Diggin your thread here Ben. Just rode my new 2019 500 RRS around the neighborhood for the first time in my life ! Picked the bike up yesterday ! Freaking awesome ! Have a lot to learn about these machines. Rode a lot in another life, and giving it at least one more go. Won't even go into it and don't want to interrupt the thread, so carry on all. Thanks.
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