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  1. I’m sorry if I have caused confusion on my original post. To make it all clear, i want to build a 2007 CR250 engine and I’ve been struggling to find a 2007 CR250 frame so I was thinking and interested in maybe looking to see if the 07 cr250 engine would fit in the 2002-2007 cr250 frames or were each year somehow a little different with mounts brackets etc. But then I was thinking of just buying a crf250 frame as they are easier and cheaper to find and modding it to fit the 07 cr250 engine. But Faded answered my question perfectly. So now keeping an eye out for a cheap 02-07 CR250 frame to pop up locally. [emoji41][emoji106]
  2. I’ve done a bit of research, you can buy conversions kits apparently. I’m fairly new to this idea and it’s getting my excited for a challenge. I’ve found a 2007 crf250 frame local for cheap. Would anyone know if this would be a good match? If I could go the crf frame it would be much easier to locate parts for the rest of the frame compared to the 02-07 TT frames.
  3. I’m thinking of building a 2007 CR250 engine from scratch for a project. I was wondering will this engine fit in any of the CR250 frames from years 2002-2007?
  4. aussie-thumpa

    19/20 KTM 300EXC New TPI engine good for road use?

    Yeah, I really don’t understand all the bad opinions, on paper the 2 strokes now with the updated engines look just as reliable as the big 450-500 4T’s. A 300 2T for an all round weekend monster is looking really interesting. Has anyone else got any experience with these ridden on roads as a motard?
  5. aussie-thumpa

    19/20 KTM 300EXC New TPI engine good for road use?

    A lot of mixed opinions in this, has anyone got personal experience on this topic?
  6. Hey all, ive always been told 2 stroke dirt bikes are not good for commuting due to engine braking and lack of oil lubing the engine when not on the throttle? now that the ktm/huskie 300 have the new oil tank reservoir with fuel injection and automatic oil pump, does this make the new 300 2t a reliable street hooligan machine? (Assuming it’s geared for road use with a set of motard wheels) it will be used 70% dirt 30% street.
  7. aussie-thumpa

    SuperMotard best suited for me?

    How do you find this on the freeways travelling 100-110kmh (60-70mph)? Can this engine handle it? I’ve been told they won’t last long if you do occasional highway. I’ve been told they are fine as well so I don’t know what to believe lol.
  8. aussie-thumpa

    SuperMotard best suited for me?

    What about if I chucked a motard kit on the enduero spec 701? Has anyone else done this so they get the best of both worlds?
  9. aussie-thumpa

    SuperMotard best suited for me?

    I went and had a look at a few bikes today and my god the quality in the 701 is incredible. Even the new WR450F suprised me with quality. The crf450L was a bit of a disappointment. It looked cheap and felt cheap. Idk I don’t want to step on any toes I do respect their engines. So far the 701 just seems to tick every box for me. If only the WR450F held a bit more oil for highway use :-(
  10. aussie-thumpa

    SuperMotard best suited for me?

    At this stage now I think I may just need to spend some money on basic mods for the drz400sm. The amount of after market out there for these is insane. Could someone confirm for me, with the DRZ400SM. If I put a Yoshi and header, FCR39 and rejet, 3x3 mod would I be looking at a 8-9 HP increase? I would need to get the bike around the 50hp for fun factor in my opinion. What are your thoughts?
  11. aussie-thumpa

    SuperMotard best suited for me?

    Hi everyone, new bloke here and Hello from Australia. I’ve been riding dirt bikes most of my life. I’ve also previously owned a DRZ400E that I converted to a motard back in 2013. The bug has bitten back and bitten back hard! To keep things short, I’m comparing a handful of options. Price is not an issue as I will be financing this purchase. I’m trying to decide what is going to be the best suited bike for what I want to do. I’m comparing WR450F (Sm), Husqvarna 701SM, DRZ400SM and the KTM/Husky Fe450/exc (SM) I can buy any of these vehicles from the dealership registered and ready to go out the door. They will even fit the parts for me [emoji106] this bike will be the ultimate weekend warrior for streets and mountain twisties, occasional commute to work 9 mile round trip and occasional highway use. I also wish to buy a second set of wheels for the dirt for the occasional trails, single track trails fire trails forests etc when camping. this will be once a month kind of thing. The rest will be road use. The most time I will spend on the highway will be ~2 hours there and back. Rest of the stuff will be local roads 60-100km/h ( 40-65 mph). My fave route choice would be the WR450F because of the smart phone fuel mapping now you can change and edit. The power this little 450 can produce looks incredible. Fuel injected and a sexy looking bike. A true supermotard. My 2nd option is to buy a 701sm but I fee it would be a struggle of off-road? I have never ridden or owned one so I can’t confirm. I’ve owned the DRz and wow did I have fun and it did everything I told it to do. I just feel I will outgrow this like I did last time and won’t be as enjoyable as a 450+ without piling money into it. Huskies and Kato I’ve been told don’t like the road as much as the drz and the WR. I service my bikes every 500-1000km/miles anyway so the frequent services won’t bother me. Will the WR450F be a reliable SuperMoto for what I want to do or should I go for a big bore cc demon?