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  1. Nicky Du Plessis

    stock exhaust gutting

    I gutted and shortened my stock pipe and to be honest, it is literally one of the best sounding bikes out there. It has like a deep rumble to it and when you open her up you'll definitely be noticed by soccer moms jamming to pink or taylor swift on full blast. I reccomend would recommend you buying a aftermarket exhaust but its your choice xD P.S i fixed the shitty paint job on my exhaust.
  2. Nicky Du Plessis

    Shortening and gutting stock pipe

    So you cut it at the front and back? Or just from the front? It looks dope tho
  3. Nicky Du Plessis

    Shortening and gutting stock pipe

    Oh ha ha thats just dirt i got some new treds just a few weeks ago
  4. Nicky Du Plessis

    Shortening and gutting stock pipe

    Hi, i want to gut and shorten my stock drz exhaust as a cheap mod and i wanted to know if any of you can give me some tips on like where to cut it and what to do. Im getting a yoshi rs2 in a few months so i don't really care if i &%$#@! up the stock pipe and i also added some images of my exhaust. #DrZ400Sm #Yoshimura
  5. Nicky Du Plessis

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    At first i did some maintenance(changed oil, and put in a new air filter) after that i installed my new yoshi rs2 carbon exhaust and popped some dank whoolies to quench my squidly needs.
  6. Nicky Du Plessis

    Killswitch backfire

    I just want to say thank you for letting me know, since i was very interested in this topic being a petrolhead and didn't want to do anything without knowing what it can do to my bike. So i appreciate your feedback
  7. Nicky Du Plessis

    Killswitch backfire

    I just saw somebody with a drz400sm and he was making it popping like crazy, so i ask him how he did it and he replied with the killswitch. So can somebody please be kind enough and tell me how does it work,do you have to press it repeatedly or? #DrZ400Sm