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  1. the pro circuit pipe that was on the bike was clogged with this [emoji1361][emoji1361]. Explains why it would only run with the power valve cover off. Brand new bike after I cleaned all that out, screams like a bat out of hell
  2. Changed reeds, cleaned power valve and the power valve is now opening when I rev the bike. Bike runs better, definitely more power, but still a pita to start and still doesn’t hit powerband bogs at half throttle in every gear. Gonna take my carb boot to homedepot today and hopefully find everything I need to make a leak tester
  3. Well I think I’m getting somewhere. I removed the power valve cover and the bike will only run with the cover off. Some much gunk and build up in there, and I don’t see the power valve moving when revving. I rode the bike and it feels like it won’t hit power band (I’ll post a link of how it sounded) Anything after 1/3 of throttle it just bogs and power falls on its face. Plug appears to look like the bike is running a little rich to me. I have the motor out and gonna tear it apart tonight and definitely order some new reeds, the bike is a pain to cold start but once warm one or two kicks and it starts. A leak down test wouldn’t hurt so hopefully I can pick up what I need to make a tester from homedepot
  4. Also when I first got the bike and cleaned it up it ran but only started with starter fluid but ran and idled. Bogged quarter throttle. I stripped the Bike and painted it and it ran when I put it back together, a couple days after it just had no life at all
  5. Bike has good compression 205psi to be exact. Looks like it has decent spark outside the cylinder. Pulse generator, stator, and coil are all in spec resistance wise. I cleaned the carb a countless times and adjusted float height. Maybe after like 20 kicks it’s eventually turn on but run like absolute garbage. Will only stay alive holding throttle open and barley revs. I took off the stator cover and the key is there and doesn’t appear to be sheared. The reeds like a little warped some light passes through them but not a lot no chipping or anything like that. Anybody ever seen something like this? Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.
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