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  1. Sorbles said in a previous post: "Should work. IIRC, ringing out 4th gear takes you to ~55mph on 13/52. "
  2. So I read all these posts, good suggestions. But decided to read the manual before trying the lock removal / mod. Glad I did! On my 2018 250 exc-f doing it EXACTLY like the manual states worked! I Couldn't deviate from their instructions as it wouldn't lock. See inserted pic.
  3. I was told,by a ktm dealer it was 118 links but I've been unable to confirm,this.
  4. 2018 ktm 250 exc-f Does anyone know if 14/51 combo will work with stock chain length? Stock is 14/49 I'm unable to find how many links the stock chain is.
  5. I had to adjust tps 1st to eliminate flameouts! Can't tell you how many times I fell over when going slow and it would just quit!
  6. Thought so, just didn't know anyone offered a kit like that.
  7. Aggressive riding at high revs for less. Exactly how I feel on my 250 exc! I'm starting to think For Sale, anyone interested?
  8. Depends on how and where you ride. I have this bike and I'm and older guy. I had to punch out out the exaust screen and richen it up by adjusting the tps. Added 1 tooth to the rear and if it's open area riding it performs well. But tight hilly technical stuff and the bike is to weak on the bottom end. I'm working on upping the rear from 50 to 52 teeth in hopes of making it more rideable.... Kinda wishing I'd got the 350 although you probably would still need to work on it to get it dialed in. They just ship these bikes way to lean and geared towards open / road riding.
  9. Oh, I just re-read your post.... I guess I'll have to go longer assuming the 250 is the same as 350.....
  10. So the 14/52 should work with stock chain length? I hope.....
  11. Wow, that's gotta pull hard up to 50 mph? I have a 14/50 on my 2018 250 exc and purchased a 52 but haven't installed it yet. Does anyone k,ow if the stock chain length will work?
  12. Do you remember if the stock chain length worked without any issues?
  13. I have a 18 250 exc-f running 14/50 and I'm looking for more low end grunt and thinking of going to 14/51 or 52 Don't want to be over revving it on the short road trips between trails though. How do you like you 14/52 combination?
  14. I'm not certain how much the euro mapping increases the air / fuel richness but on my 250 exc adjusting the TPS, knocking,the end cap screen out ( not much louder) and went up one tooth in rear made all the difference. These bike ships very lean and the big bore bikes like yours starves for fuel in the upper revs more so than my 250. Still not snappy like a 250 2 stroke but a lot more fun to ride. Here's a good source regarding AFR and exaust flow on our bikes. https://www.tpstool.com/ https://www.ktmandhusky.com/exhaust-upgrades-for-2017-exc-fe Good luck
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