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  1. Headlightw


    2007 te510 husqvarna,,,, I need to replace piston ,,, I'm getting conflicting stories.... Will a piston from the te510 From 04 through12 all be the same ,,,stock size.. I'm told it is the same motor for all years and the only difference would be in tranny gearing for mx and sm models,,, and then I'm told they are not the same and that the piston could vary.. The dealer in my area isn't sure either as they are only familiar with the new stuff... They haven't bin around that long.... I can find a after market for08 but not the 07 ,,,, oem is 350.00 .... I found one for08 for 125.00 PRO X brand,,,, will it fit they are both the same size 96.97witch is stock
  2. Headlightw


    I would really like to know what you find,,,, I'm having same problem with my bike,,, 07 510 husky,,, one I was going down the road heading back to truck and boom it just bogged out and stopped running. Its been3 weeks I've torn motor down everything is in spec ,rebuilt carb, went over all electric parts ,,,,, got fuel,spark and air and fire.... If you figure out please let me know I am at same spot ,,,baffled
  3. Headlightw

    Te510husqvarna just died

    It a 2007 and it a te not fe ,,,,, I'm not concerned so much about the starter not working. That was just the icing on the cake,,, the real issue is that the bike just died,,, it bogged out and has not started since. Like I said just cruising along and it bogged shut down and I was pushing. I've checked all obvious, even spent weekend looking inside motor,,,no luck finding a problem,, not that I hoping for the problem to be there,,, just can't seem to figure out what is wrong baffled,,, and it does have kick start
  4. Headlightw

    Te510husqvarna just died

    Was out riding one day bike was running fine for about an hour,needed to go back to truck so I hoped on paved road about half way there bike just died!!!! So far I have pulled motor made sure all valves wer in spec, they wer, tore down carb cleaned it,, even replace seat on float bowl,, its getting gas and wen I check for spark it shows the plug is sparking,, and since all this now the starter is not operating , the relay is clickin away and starter motor is spinning, but naddaa it does not turn motor ,,,, I have done some testing of electric parts ciol,, reg.condenser ,,,, I'M ABOUT READY TO BURN BIKE!!!!!!!!!
  5. Headlightw

    Torque in ft/bld

    Just toke apart my top end to check if valves or piston wer shot,,, but all is well... My question is because I don't have manual what is torque lbs on head bolts,, Ther is 4 main bolts and 2 on the front and2 on the side 2007 te510 husky ,,,,,,,, also if anyone knows wer to get the repair manual for this bike I greatly appreciate it ,,,, working on bike without one is getting tiring
  6. Headlightw

    Float height

    Helped a lot thank you
  7. Headlightw

    Leak jet

    Ok so I'v noticed not a lot of fuel at excelorator in carb ,,,, again I can't find specs on 07 te510 ,,, I would like to change leak jet to allow more fuel but don't know what size is in carb now,,, I'm assuming it is stock.I took it out put under magnifying glass don't see any markings. Just need a base line to start from,,, ... I may need to just replace the one that is in Ther,still will need to know size????? Thanks in advance
  8. Headlightw

    Float height

    Well that makes live easier,,, thank you
  9. So because I can not find a service manual for my07 510 ,at least not in english,,, does anybody no what the correct float height is for this carb,, kiehn,, I'm redoing the carb , the previous owner lived at a higher elevation,,, not working here in flat Jersey,,,, can't find it on interweb... Thanks in advance
  10. Headlightw

    Voltage regulator

    Where is it??????? 07 husky510 took tank off not Ther,,, looked in battery area not there,,looked over hole bike?????,, the only thing that I did find was a ignition condensor ,, cylinder shape about4in long ,, kinda like a black m80 ,,,,,, are they the same thing
  11. I looked up the magura parts you suggested,, they were all for the decompression lever,lever and top cap for master and / or comp cable.... Now am I suppose to buy these parts and gerryrig them up ,,, not that I'm not appreciative of your help,, I was confused and thought maybe you misunderstood my question... Are there specific names for these parts,, I tried to Google search some stuff, but to no avail without proper wording I wound up more confused as to what I was looking for,,, or maybe even a video if you know of one.... I'm not very good with this interweb stuff.
  12. Do they make a cable that extends this hot switch up to the handle bars,,, I have te510 husky,,,, the button/switch is hard to get to ..it's up under tank.heard something about this relocation cable, but don't remember where I heard. Any and all info about THIS ITEM would be appreciated
  13. Headlightw

    Hot start button

    My bad ,,, te510 husky,,,, so there is no actually kit to buy... Hunting down parts that don't really match up sounds like I'm going to be fixing and adjusting all the time.,,, Thats if I can even find ones that fit together without buying stuff I don't really need looking... Thuoght it would be a easy buy and install,,, guess reaching under tank it is!!! Thanks for your input appreciate it
  14. Headlightw

    Hot start button

    Saw somewhere that you can move the hot start button up to your handlebars,,, it is an extension of some sort. It mounts to the clutch perch some how.. Anyone know of this and who is the manufacturer???would make life easier....
  15. Headlightw

    Noise in motor husky

    Okay so I have a 510 husky and when I'm at idle motor sounds normal,then when I'm on the gas I hear this clackity clackity sound,its not a nock or a tap it just sounds like something is going to eject out the side,,, I'm told huskys make noises. And that is normal,am just being paranoid is the husky just a loud bitch motor