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    top end tic

    correct, it has the cylinder head that bolts holds the cam shaft in place.
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    top end tic

    Im sorry for the missing information, I did also actually order a new cam chain, I did measurement from the new to old and the measured the same, and also ordered a new cam chain tensioner and both old and new seem to be operating the same. the crf is an 04. I can provide pictures of the old piston, they were just shy of being within service limits. I honestly was thinking it was due to piston slap, but sure enough new top end did not fix the problem. I installed a new piston, rings and new cylinder to help prevent any issue with needing additional parts. All stock OEM stock Honda parts.
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    CRF150F/L top end tic

    afternoon fellas, I have searched and searched and searched on the web for this subject. I needed to ask about a top end noise on my trail bike. I have installed a new piston, cylinder and rings. Yes everything has been installed correctly, I have been referencing a service manual via Cyclpedia. I checked the movement on the connecting rod and seem to be in good order, and have set the valve clearance on the bike for an 04 its shows .10mm +/- .02....Yes, its at top dead center, yes its on the compression stroke. I have also measured the cam and all measurements show to be in spec. I have pulled the plug to confirm TDC, and double and triple checked the valve clearance. The last time I ran it, the noise seemed to be coming from the top end, I pulled the cam cover off and ran it, and it sounds like its coming from the rocker arms. Question is, do the rocker arms wear enough to where it allows there to be slop so to speak when it rides on the cam shaft???? I dont see in the service manual how to take a reading on it. or could the top end of the valves wear enough from when it makes contact w. the rocker arm. because there is nothing in the manual that shows to take an overall length measurement of the valves. I know these trail bikes are a little loud, I just want to make sure there is nothing that I am missing.... any help is appreciated.