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  1. Don't use cheap 2 stroke oil or outboard oil in a motorcycle. Read this again.
  2. What is inside the broken area of the case? Tig is great, but the heat will cause distortion of the surrounding area!
  3. Jackrides

    What causes this kind of damage to a cylinder?

    Not enough ring end gap or the piston may have been a little tight. Pull the jug and have the cylinder honed and cleaned. Remove the piston and sand off vertical marks with horizontal motion. Use 320 -400 grit with water. Yes replace the rings and removed circlip. Check the end gap of the new rings and file if necessary. Ask if you need more detail.
  4. Jackrides

    How do I get this bolt out?

    Using a Dremel tool, grind a flat on the top of the bolt. Next use a cutting wheel to grind a slot. Spray pb blaster into the hole. Apply a straight blade to the slot with a hand held hammer driven impact driver. Should come right out.
  5. Jackrides

    How to prevent tube pop while installing

    Oops, I left something out. Add to #3. When tire is beginning to seat, you also need to slide the seated part of the tire toward the center of the rim. This will give slack on the opposite side to allow the tire to slide easier over the rim. Sorry for the omission. Glad to read you got it done!
  6. Jackrides

    How to prevent tube pop while installing

    1. Inflate tube without valve after installing tube. Deflate. Install valve. Put a Little air in. 2. As said above, only insert spoons a little. I've always had best results from wide flattish spoons with No sharp edges. A polished edge won't hurt. 3. Once the ire (i mean tire) is just beginning to seat, finish as much as possible with a large rubber hammer. Yes, a little tire mounting lube will help a lot. 4. Take your time. If your tears usually occur near the valve stem, use narrow duck tape to hold the stem in a ways. 5. Mounting lube of any kind can let the tire slip on the rim at very low pressure, if that is how you run, more advice needed.